Wahoo Tickr Problem

You can always check in with the team at support@trainerroad.com so they can look at your ride log and confirm. They’ll be happy to help!

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I’m getting unit number 3, strap number 4 of my Tickr 2 experience soon. The Tickr 1 was flawless for 2 years until I pulled the unit apart rather than the pin coming disconnected so I am still holding out some hope from Wahoo.

Tickr, and x, are the only products that wahoo makes that Id say arent “top of the line”

I genuinely cant think of one person I know that owns a tickr that hasnt had some type of interaction with wahoo’s warranty team. I have the same problem and more often than not, just use my garmin watch to broadcast HR instead of dealing with all the steps the tickr needs to connect

My first Tickr stopped connecting after about 6 months. Wahoo support couldn’t fix it, and provided a warranty replacement. The replacement lasted 4 months. It took a bit of a fight to get another replacement (a 3rd unit), but I nonetheless did in the end. I immediately sold it and bought a Polar chest strap which has been much better and is going strong at 12 months and counting.

timely - my 4th tickr in 5 years just died after a few weeks of erratic behavior. Sad to have a bin of dead tickrs. While Wahoo has given me warranty replacements and discount codes, they seem to have inherent design flaws. Convinced it is sweat getting into the units.

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I end up buying a new tickr once a year. This has happened for 3 years. It’s always been a hardware issue for me.

The tickr would turn on but read really high or really low. Occasionally it would give the correct HR until I replaced it.

When this current tickr gives out I’m gonna try the garmin the monitor. I had the original hard strap one (not sold anymore) for 4 years and it never had a problem.

I’ve had two tickets and they both failed very early, the gen2 didn’t even last 3 months before getting stuck at 118 bpm or 126 bpm. Grr

I had this as well. I gave up on it and bought a Polar H10. No regrets.


to follow up on this - I opened my broken tickr and could immediately see some salt build up inside the rim of the battery cover. I cleaned out and then used contact cleaner and air dried. I had done this before and it worked for a while. I have no idea why the battery cover doesn’t have a rubber gasket to seal it - like on power meters. If I don’t switch brands, I think it is a good idea to occasionally open/clean/air dry the units.

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Yep - two tickrs in and I’ve switched to H10.

I’ve replaced my tickr once a year for three years. After this one dies I’m going back to garmin. I had the hard strap HR monitor for 3-4 years until it gave out. I prefer the aesthetics of wahoo, but can’t beat the reliability of the garmin.

My TickR stopped working last weekend. I replaced the battery and the lights came on, so the unit seems to be good but there is nothing unless I hold the studs together so I ordered a replacement strap but its the same story (only works when I physically hold it). The studs look good to me 20220805_112207 | HLaB123 | Flickr but I am just wondering if anyone on TR has come across this and solved it without buying a new unit?

Not solved - binned it and moved to Polar H10

I tried to clean the studs with solvent, then with some abrasive cleaner, and it would work for a one ride, I would celebrate thinking I finally cracked it. Then the next ride it would do what it did best - which was not work.

Polar H10 has been flawless all summer

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Following this to see if anyone comes up with anything. My tickr x is awful. If I get lucky enough to have it connect it will read either 46 bpm or 185 bpm for about 15 minutes. Then it seems to correct itself and work ok.

It just jumps around like crazy. I’m not thrilled about having to buy another HR monitor. This one was $80 or something and isn’t even a good paper weight.

Same. No regrets.

If you search the TR forum for “tickr”, you’ll see lots of posts and threads on bad Tickr experiences. When I ran into it, it was the straps. Everyone’s stock answer seems to be to go to the Polar H10. That’s what I now use, with no issues since the switch (>1 year).

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its beyond me how wahoo didnt design a product designed to be against sweaty skin to not corrode. The contact points on mine corroded within weeks. It would take me 10 minutes to pair with my headunit or TR, if it paired at all.
Just get the H10! Its the Toyota Camry of heart rate monitors.

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I’ve replaced my tickr annually for the last 2 years. Previously I had a garmin hard strap and that thing lasted 5 years.

I wrote a ticket, it SEEMED like it might have just been the strap, with that i got another 3 months but it repeated so they sent me a new unit. They were super good and fast about it.

My old 4 or 5 year old unit still works like the day i got it lol.

I think that was over a year ago now it was replaced and been flawless since. Pretty happy with the experience and service.

Seems there was a design issue with early units, not sure how many were still on shelves anywhere. Hope you can get it resolved!

The Polar H10 mentioned a few times already will 100% be my next HR strap. My 1st gen TICKR had no problems, but unfortunately misplaced the unit. Bought a 2nd gen TICKR and had a bunch of issues with the monitor not reading or not accurately showing the HR (80 BPM during a 5 min VO2 max interval). I’m on my replacement unit that Wahoo sent for free so I’m appreciative of their customer service but I’d rather have something that just works.