Which heart rate monitor?

Hi all,
i use a wahoo kickr core trainer. i use an iPhone and iPad while on TR. normally the phone for TR and iPad for Netflix / music through Bluetooth headphones.
i had a tacx hr strap but it recently got chucked in the bin after one too many times when it wouldn’t connect to the TR workout :rage:.
can someone recommend which HR strap brand works best with iphone/ipad and TR?
while on the road i use the garmin 830 and garmin strap but as its ant+ it doesnt connect with my iOS products (i think thats why…)
i want to buy a strap that will just connect each time from the start of the workout and not half way through like my tacx, or not at all sometimes…

Wahoo Tickr is a solid option at a decent price:


I use Bluetooth version of Garmin and it works like charm. Zero issues. Link for Germany


Thanks Chad and Oner, i will check out both your suggestions.

any ideas why my tacx bluetooth didnt work? i am serious when i say it normally kicked in about half way through most workouts and sometimes not at all…i normally wore it slightly left of center in my chest, over my heart.
maybe it was something i was doing and a new type / brand may be as troublesome.


  • No. I have not used one or heard much about them.

The Wahoo and Garmin ones seem to be the most common and generally reliable (noting the usual fact that there are always a few bad ones around).

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cheers chad,
while i have you…could i ask another question but with a change of subject?
i am about to finish 8 weeks of general build and am going to move on to sustained power, both LV. am i making the correct move for the next 8 weeks? with covid i have no real goal, just to keep up the good form i have gained using TR for the last couple of years. i normally manage at least one maybe two tr sessions during mid week and either a longer tr or road session on a sunday.

Just for clarity, I am the resident forum rat, and not Coach Chad Timmerman (TR’s Head Coach). I know a fair bit about the TR plans, progressions and common recommendations, so with that:

The current COVID “I don’t have an event…” suggestion is to do Sweet Spot Base, into Build, then repeat SSB > Build process. There is not a lot of need to do a Specialty, but you are also free to do one for the pure sense of changing things up for your body and mind.

Additionally, you can consider just loading Plan Builder, not setting an event and playing with general settings to make something that looks interesting. Open ended, the PB will likely include a Specialty phase, so it may or may not make sense to try vs just loading single phases as you go.


cheers chad.
over and out from the west coast of Ireland, 11.10pm here, time for shut eye!

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sorry chad, back again. i put in plan builder and all worked fine. but i cant delete the sustained power plan from the calendar…
i googled it and clicked on the annotation for the plan but it doesn’t pop up with a delete button option…

how do i get rid of the unwanted plan and just leave the plan builder?

Can you share a pic of the Sustained Power start card opened?

Worst case, you may need to contact support@trainerroad.com for help on deleting the separate Build plan.

is this what you mean?


Can’t see the bottom of the card, but there is not delete option?

yes, no delete option. has happened me before. cant remember how i got around it…

That is odd. I’d email TR and see if they can help.


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My old Wahoo Tickr has started acting up(holding unrealistic bpm, drop outs, etc) even with a fresh battery. I’ve decided it’s probably time for a new one(this guy is almost 3 years old).

What chest strap heart rate monitor would you suggest? Or are they all pretty equal? I don’t need it to detect my running cadence or be able to use it while swimming as I don’t partake in those activities.

@Cory.Rood, I moved your post into this recent one that already had several recommendations.

I use the Polar chest strap, if you are good with Bluetooth connectivity that is my suggestion. I’ve had mine for a long time now and is reliable and picks up changes in HR quickly. Once in a while it throws a flier but those are very rare.

BTW, I see they have ANT+ compatible sensors too.

Hi all,
I bought the Garmin bluetooth dual HR strap as recommended by Chad and Oner and it works perfectly whether i am on the turbo using my iPad or on the road using my Garmin.
I am very happy with it.

I have been using a Wahoo Tickr Fit for the last 6 months. Its a nice change from wearing a chest HR strap and once it is on I totally forget it is even there, I dont find chest straps all that comfortable.

I wear the Tickr fit on the inside of my forearm and the connection is solid. Not sure I will ever go back to a chest strap to be honest.