Wahoo Tickr Problem

I think I got to the bottom of my TickR problem and added a small piece of innertube behind the battery. That seems to have took up the slack and its working as I would expect for now. I’ve had to a couple of times squirt in GT85 into the studs too. But if it finally goes I think it’ll be the Polar 10 too.

I’ve had a similar issue with the battery on a Wahoo Cadence sensor. Not a fan of the plastic finish and the pry-open-the-case style of battery replacement. After adding some material to fill the gap, it works, but it’s annoying. When it dies, I’ll get a Garmin.

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I had this exact problem and Wahoo replaced the unit, which has worked perfectly, until about a week ago. Now it seems to keep transmitting after I’ve taken it off and draining the battery. I noticed this when I saw the blue lights blinking as it was hanging on a hook in the bathroom in the middle of the night. It explained why the battery drained so quickly.

I started disconnecting the transmitter completely from the both sides of the straps, but that didn’t stop it, so now I take the battery out each time. It solves the problem of battery drain, but it’s suboptimal.


My Tickr has also bitten the dust - it seems to take about 20mins to warm up to correlate anywhere close to my Apple Watch.

Question before I drop big bucks on a new H10 - given we all use power and largely (and I stress largely because I appreciate there is a bell curve of use cases here!) ignore HR - why do we still bother with HRMs? Does having one make any discernible difference, honestly, to how you train or race?

I’m not sure where you got that most people ignore HR, but it’s not true.

Some coaches recommend that recovery/endurance workouts are done on HR to trigger the correct adaptions. I also like to corelate power/hr/rpe when I race. Besides it gives more stats to pour over at the end :wink:


Not to mention the current trend of focusing on decoupling.

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Heart rate is a very useful secondary metric. E. g. in between intervals, I can gauge how fresh and fit I am by how quickly my heart rate recovers. Ditto for heart rate drift on long endurance rides/workouts.

My Tickr also died and I bit the bullet and a H10 late last year. So far, it has been flawless.