Wahoo Tickr Problem

I think I got to the bottom of my TickR problem and added a small piece of innertube behind the battery. That seems to have took up the slack and its working as I would expect for now. I’ve had to a couple of times squirt in GT85 into the studs too. But if it finally goes I think it’ll be the Polar 10 too.

I’ve had a similar issue with the battery on a Wahoo Cadence sensor. Not a fan of the plastic finish and the pry-open-the-case style of battery replacement. After adding some material to fill the gap, it works, but it’s annoying. When it dies, I’ll get a Garmin.

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I had this exact problem and Wahoo replaced the unit, which has worked perfectly, until about a week ago. Now it seems to keep transmitting after I’ve taken it off and draining the battery. I noticed this when I saw the blue lights blinking as it was hanging on a hook in the bathroom in the middle of the night. It explained why the battery drained so quickly.

I started disconnecting the transmitter completely from the both sides of the straps, but that didn’t stop it, so now I take the battery out each time. It solves the problem of battery drain, but it’s suboptimal.