Tickr hr monitor issue

Hi guys,
I paired my HR monitor (Tickr) through the TR app last night as ive just signed up to TR. When doing the ramp test this morning, my HR was obviously not reading right, sitting around the 120 mark.
Anyone had this issue? I did update the firmware yesterday on the monitor and signed up to TR coincidently in the same day, so just looking for advice really?

It’s stuck. Remove battery, flip it and reset tickr. Put it normal way and try then.

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I got my TickR in the summer and after a couple of months it started to go awry. I think although I normally disconnect it and wipe it down after a long sportive I had left one side connected and it might have caused green rust to develop inside the stud. I cleaned it out with GT85 and touch wood its been working reliably again for the last 2 or 3 months.

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Yeah i haven’t tried the reset yet, good shout.

Definitely worth a shot! cheers :slight_smile:

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Mine would often either get stuck at a low hr, or at the end of my ride get stuck at a high hr even though i was well into my cool down. I tried everything and finally gave up and returned it (i bought it at rei just so i could return if there was an issue down the line). Good luck, hopefully the reset will work

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I had similar issues. Resetting it occasionally worked but ultimately the problem was a worn / degraded strap.

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This :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

I had a Tickr that ran well for a while then started to exhibit various ‘odd’ behaviour such as showing higher than actual HR for a while into a ride before them settling - then repeating the anomaly later.

I replaced it with the strap / monitor that came with my Wattbike (Wattbike branded item) and it’s run fine for 11 months and is now showing similar ‘issues.

In my view, what is happening is that the small electrical wires (filaments) within the electrode parts of the strap that run along the length to the connecting studs get repeatedly stretched / twisted over time through repeated wear / use / washing and then start to break down.

Time spent ‘heating up’ after some time into a ride may expand some of the intermittent connections meaning the inconsistencies settle down at some point but clearly that’s a theory.

I’ve tried changing to new batteries on both straps without success.

If my theory is right then a replacement strap should see resolution. I will report back once I’ve ordered a new one :smiley:

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Excellent feedback, thank you :slight_smile: i’ll look forward to hearing how it goes. Cheers :slight_smile:

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So interestingly/ frustratingly it doesn’t seem that Wattbike offers a replacement strap option on their website (at least I can’t find one obviously available).

So I’ve elected to try out the cheap and cheerful option from EBay for a generic replacement item that claims to be wholly compatible.

Let’s see how that fares :smiley:

Search for Tickr and you’ll see the other threads on this. Short answer: Wahoo seems to have known issues with the straps. I bailed on the Tickr and moved onto Polar. No issues since.

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The cheap replacement band arrived yesterday.

Amazingly it’s appears really well made and fits fine with either the Wattbike unit or the Tickr unit clipped in.

I decided to stick with the Wattbike unit and did my workout yesterday evening.

I can happily report that all the anomalous readings have disappeared.

All worked fine and no issues whatsoever with either recording, fit of the band or signal drop outs.

Given it was only £6.99 it seems like a bargain in comparison. I will report back in a few weeks time once it’s had a decent amount of consistent use. :smiley:

Cheap straps are no different from original wahoo, and in my experience they work even better (at least with tickr gen1). The latest tickr model does not work for me on original or replacement strap. At least wahoo motivated me to go into Polar HR way.

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