Wahoo KICKR issues with ELEMNT

Hi - has anyone encountered the following issue? Post the software update last week I used my KICKR with my ELEMNT for a session.

Aside from the fact my ELEMNT takes always 3-5 minutes to connect to the KICKR, it kept dropping my Wahoo HRM and Wahoo cadence.

Has anyone seen this before, and if so, how have you fixed it?


Presume you’ve isolated all other Bluetooth signals are off? Sounds like another BT device is interfering…

Yes, I get exact same behaviour if I forget to switch off wireless mouse until after everything is paired.

So, haven’t specifically isolated all bluetooth devices - location no different from devices that are normally active when I use my turbo. What I’ve never seen is the constant dropping of the KICKR, HRM and Cadence… just seemed bizarre and wondered if it was connected to the software upgrade.

Great advice on isolating other BT devices - will try that next time