'18 Wahoo Kickr Snap Issues

So I recently started Trainer Road after a co-worker of mine lent me his Wahoo Kickr that he ended up almost never using. My issue is I am having a lot of problems with it randomly disconnecting (pausing the workout) then anywhere between 5-45 seconds later reconnecting again (starting the workout back up again). It was tolerable for the first two workouts but doing intervals at 125% FTP then back down to 88% FTP is virtually impossible to do when the trainer decides to disconnect mid-interval then holding 125% FTP for 30 seconds longer than I have to. It is super frustrating and I don’t know what to do. I have disconnected all of the Bluetooth accessories like cadence and speed sensors from the bike and I am still having issues. It isn’t connected through settings but through the app itself and the phone is on my handlebars, so it is pretty close to the trainer. I don’t know what to do and the internet has been no help on this one. Can’t seem to find anything on the topic. Please let me know what I can do. I am super eager to get back on the trainer!!! Missing quality training days haha.


Use the wahoo utility app to check the software and see if it needs an update. Mine would do weird things if the software wasn’t up to date. Also do a spindown in the wahoo app after you check the software. If everything is up to date and repairing the device doesn’t solve anything, then you might want contact wahoo.

Another thing to check is whether the Kickr is paired to anything else. I’ve had previous problems where even though I was using one device, it kept poling other devices. Once I removed the pairing, it solved a lot of problems. Perhaps look at the reverse too, is the phone trying to connect with other bluetooth devices that are just out of range?

What device are you using to run TrainerRoad? Are you connecting through Bluetooth or ANT+?

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@jsteelfex Yeah i tried to do an update, but I couldn’t get the thing to stay connected long enough to even get it to update!! It kept loosing connected before the update would finish. SUPER frustrating. I guess the next step is to call Wahoo and see what they say. Really annoyed. I just wanna train!!! haha

@summerson I am using an iPhone 6s with bluetooth

@julianoliver Yeah i removed everything bluetooth out of the room of the trainer besides my phone and the trainer itself and it still wouldn’t connect for some reason. not really sure whats the problem