Wahoo kickr in an apartment

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Have been doing some TR workouts on the cycle on the gym for quite a while but wanna take to the next level. My eyes are on the kickr 2018 BUT I’m liviing in an apartment. On the reviews its seems super quite but in real life how quite is it? You guys living in an apartment can you do a morning workout with out weaking up the family or other people living in the same house?

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I have access to our basement and working out down there doesn’t seem to bother anyone, but I know a number of people here have their setups in apartments. The consensus as I remember it was that with the right trainer and a good mat underneath it to absorb vibration there wasn’t much of an issue for most people.

There’s a discussion about this here:

It’s as loud as your bike’s drivetrain. Your fan(s) are probably louder. I can watch tv at a pretty normal volume. I can’t imagine the ‘18 Kickr or Kickr core bothering anyone.

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I live on the 4th, top floor, of an condo/apartment. I have no trouble with disturbing neighbors either below or next door. Nor had it been a problem with my sig other in the apartment itself. That said my building has poured concrete floors.

This refers to a Kickr bought in 2016.


Yes, the previous models weren’t loud and the 18’s are even quieter.

My box and circular fans are louder than the kickr core. Drivetrain is slightly quiter than the fans. I’m on carpet with a mat.

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I’ve been using a KICKR Snap in a hotel for the past 14 months with zero noise or any other issues. I leave it at the hotel every week along with my bike. I just decided to sell the Snap, ( solid in 1 hour) and purchased the KICKR Core. Used it once (Core) in the hotel and I don’t anticipate any issues with noise.

Just sold my kickr 17 and got a kickr core 18 because I’m in an apartment also. It’s silent and amazing. I have mine on top 3/4 inch puzzle piece workout mats sacked two high. Never got a complaint with my 17, so I don’t expect one with the 18.

But I will eco everyone else, my fans are louder than my drivetrain and my drivetrain is louder than my kickr core.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074DSJLLY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_4dF-BbG47K0ZJ

Hej Rikard,

I assume you read the other thread on this topic that was mentioned - From my own personal experience everything that is mentioned is spot on.

I would put a finer point on a couple of things…
There is the standard “noise” generated by the trainer - what you hear, what DCR and GP Lama capture in their sound tests. I have a Tacx Neo, and it’s darn quiet, hasn’t ever bothered my sleeping wife and kids. I am sure the new Kickrs are effectively the same.
The issue for me with the neighbors is the vibration transmitted through the floor, and that is really dependent on the construction of your building, what you have under your bike (mats, carpet) and likely a bunch of physics that are over my head.
My mistake was not thinking about it, plopping the trainer right down on the hard wood floor and hammering away and thinking since it was “quiet” that it actually was quiet - bad call on my part, and generated some friction with the neighbor.
There are some comments in the other thread about being strategic - thinking about what room is below you and timing (among other good tips)… The only thing I would emphasize on top of that, is to start out with your best shot at insulating and minimizing disturbance from the outset. Once you get on your neighbor’s radar, it’s quite hard from them to become suddenly “unbothered” despite your best efforts…

Honestly, with a Kickr 2018, and some good foam insulation (or foam over carpet?) I really doubt you’ll have any trouble. Let us know how it goes.


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I was always paranoid about using a trainer in my apartment because I hate disturbing neighbors. It wasn’t really based on anything though…I just assumed it would be really loud for them. Eventually I just rolled the dice and got a Kickr Gen1, and I’ve never gotten a complaint. I have it on a large piece of plywood, with the Kickr mat on top of it. I run it in ERG mode and keep the gear pretty low so the flywheel doesn’t turn that fast and stays pretty quiet. When I calibrate it and bring it up to 24 mph, it does vibrate a lot, so I only do that at strategic times. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable using something like Zwift for these reasons. The constant shifting would be pretty loud too. I’d say if you plan on using it in ERG mode only, you have nothing to worry about.

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What about the core and watching TV has anyone tried it?

Idea is watching TV with the partner after work (during workout on the core) or is the big brother a must for that?


I have the Core and it’s pretty silent, but it depends on the noise tolerance level of yourself and your partner I guess when it comes to watching TV.

A few things you can do to make it more quieter is having a waxed chain, switch to the small ring on the front and run it in ERG mode.


@Rikard_Lundberg the apartment situation is the least of your worries. I hope you have a strong back, glutes, hamstrings, and lats to constantly deadlift the box off the ground, as you’ll be doing this often with constant returns. Wahoo Kickr 18 is a flop. I’d look elsewhere.


I think people are having better luck with the core, but here you go for some good quality reading. My brother is trying to figure out what to do with his 4th killed Kickr…it started the crap rumble the other day

I agree, be prepared. Three going back today.


2018 Kickr user in an apartment here. I have concrete floors\ceilings, so my neighbors have no complaints.

Using the Kickr’s in-built power meter with erg mode smoothing is very quiet. Using PowerMatch with my Stages L is noiser, but still no complaints.

I recommend to use the small chainring to minimize concerns.

Fortunately mine has been trouble free, but I realize that I’m the exception. I got mine in late November 2018.


I really enjoy a trouble free kick 18. It’s silent and great for an apartment, I believe. The only noise is from the drivetrain.

I’ve had a few issues, two replacements straight out of the box from Wahoo. The original issue occurred after a few months of use. The 4th unit has had zero issues but only a couple of hours of use since receiving. I have high hopes I’ll finally be able to complete base 1&2 this summer.


I live in a small apartment with the 2017 KICKR and the fans I use are significantly more louder than the KICKR

I have a 2017 kickr and use it regularly in an apartment.

On this version running in the small chain ring vs big ring makes a hell of a difference.

I usually have our toddler asleep in the adjoining room, a noise-sensitivie wife watching TV a couple of rooms away and have never had any issues. Also no issues from the neighbors directly below us.

With the 2018 version you should have no issues whatsoever :+1:t2:

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