Wahooo Kickr 2018 - how loud (silent) is it?


I’m about to buy a new trainer and considering the Wahoo Kickr 2018. I live in a dorm and don’t want to annoy my neighbors too much…

Anyone who has experience with the Wahoo Kickr 2018 and sound, then I would love to hear it.

Check out dc rainmaker, he usually does a proper sound test as part of his comprehensive review

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You may want to wait for that 2019 model, 2018 was a rough model year for Wahoo



Search this forum, DC Rainmakers comments feed and the internets.

There are some notable issues with more Kickr’s and Core’s than we have seen from Wahoo in the past. They are handling a number of warranties and returns from noise, vibrations, and power issues. Claims are it’s around 3% of units, but not everyone believes those numbers, based on the apparent quantity of issues shown on FB and other places.


To answer the question directly, the only noise from my Kickr 2018 is from my gears and drivetrain (i.e. almost zero noise from the Kickr 2018 itself).

I’ve had mine now for 6 months without issue.


Bought a Kickr Core in Dec 18. Only sound is my drive train. The unit makes no sound that I can hear.

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I can’t hear my kicker over my chain. Power change is pretty quick as well.

My Kickr corehas been good as well since purchase in Oct and very quiet.

My breathing is louder than my kickr 18, also without issues since October. You will hear the hub freewheel if you stop pedaling.

Im on my third Kickr 18, when it works it is really silent. Were living in an old flat, got it on a double training mat, no trouble with neighbours. My second Kickr had problems with vibrations, that was a Problem.

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The Kickr 18 is actually silent. I did an experiment where I ran my dedicated trainer bike without a rear derailleur (basically SS) and all that could be heard was my breathing, literally.

When it works, it is an amazing trainer, but as mentioned above, there have been some rather serious quality/design issues with the belt change, etc., so it may be worth waiting for the 2019 version.


I think by design they are pretty quiet. Certainly even a well maintained drive-train will make more noise. As I’m sure you will have read, they are not without faults :rage: and mine was very noisy when I returned it a week ago. Luckily for me, I had a Neo sitting idle which I’ve been able to use in the interim - that runs very quietly.