Wahoo Kickr Snap sends too much vibration down to my neighbor

Hey all - bought a kickr snap from clever training, set it up, tried it for 1 minute, and could feel too much vibration in my floor. I live in an NYC apt with a grouchy downstairs neighbor.

I have previously used a dumb tacx satori, a lemond revolution, and currently own a feedback sports omnium.

The kickr snap is headed back… What should I try instead? It is clear to me that I need something that is fairly quiet (the snap wasn’t too loud) but that doesn’t generate the same level of vibration. Tacx flux s? Something from elite? I’m not shopping at the tacx neo end of the price spectrum.

Signed - bummed out

You need something between the trainer and the floor, not a new trainer.


Yup - thanks. I have a 1/2 inch thick rubber pad between the trainer and the floor. It is a carpeted foam floor tile. Covers more than half the room actually.

Kickr Core. It’s quiet but I feel like you’re always going to have some level of vibration. If you already have a mat or whatever, you might want to experiment with training in different gears in ERG mode to see what flywheel speed causes the least vibration.


Yeah I could definitely feel differences at different speeds. But I could tell that the vibration was a deal breaker.

Does any trainer with a sizeable flywheel have this potential issue? My old tacx satori didn’t but it’s flywheel was much smaller.

I was thinking more like some of the rocker plate home builds. I have a picture in mind where someone used some sort of air cushens, but I can’t find it.

I’ve looked at rocker plate builds but I that’s not where I’m at…

To summarize - any trainers do an especially good job of managing vibration (not necessarily noise) such that it doesn’t make your floor rumble? The snap is going back to clever training.

My guess is that it’s the larger flywheels causing the vibration but that could be offset by all sorts of things like placement or orientation in your apartment, mats, flywheel speeds, etc.

It would require some experimentation on your part to figure out what can be done from a practical standpoint to dampen the vibration produced by your trainer.

Haven’t personally used it so I can’t vouch directly, but I think this is the use case for a 4iiii Fliiiight trainer. I don’t think the road feel will be as good, but something you can use is better than something you can’t. Might be worth a check out

That was exactly my thought but it’s sort of untested, but I know it’s basically an improved stac…

That’s my understanding too. I’ve test ridden a stac at an expo for a couple minutes once; felt interesting. Not as good of road feel as my KK and little intertia, but you know, it pushes back. Haven’t used the Fliiiight. I’m not aware of anything that is going to cause less vibration. A direct drive on a rocker plate maybe?

There seem to be plenty of reports online of vibration prone kickr snaps… Possible I just got a vibration heavy unit? None of the other trainers I’ve used, including the lemond revolution (which is heavy and loud) have had this vibration problem.

I had the same vibration problem. Ended up with a Tacx Neo. Neighbors have never complained.

I hate how there is a clear best choice trainer and all cheaper trainers have obvious compromises. Any ideas how the neo compares to the tacx flux 2?

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I’ve never tried the Flux 2 so I have no idea. I didn’t mind paying a few hundred more for the Neo. I’ve had it for over two years already so the annualized cost difference is small. Definitely worth it for me to avoid the headaches. That said, before the Neo I had the Snap and I think that any wheel-on trainer will always have more vibration than a direct drive trainer simply because no wheel-tire is ever completely round so you get lump every wheel revolution.

Thanks for all the guidance - I’m going to return the kickr snap and buy a power meter instead. Use it with my old tacx satori.

Even my old lemond revolution which was super loud didn’t vibrate like the snap. Same room, same mat, same setup.

I’m all for a power meter, but since I do most of my hours inside, I’d much prefer a smart trainer’s Erg over a PM.

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kickr core. No problems - I live on the 4th floor of a 4 story walk-up that doesn’t have lightweight concrete between floors.

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FWIW I was using a Tacx Flux S in my condo before I moved and never got any complaints from my downstairs neighbors despite doing some workouts late at night. I never noticed any obvious vibration (noise, yes, but not vibration), and my SO never mentioned anything either with respect to vibration. I used the trainer with a rubber mat underneath, and I had hardwood floors. The rubber mat wasn’t particularly thick, and honestly I mostly had it to protect my floor.

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What about the toaster or the one from 4iiiii? Super quiet and should not be vibration since you are not moving a flywheel.