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I have found a new love for training indoors again since using Trainer Road. This has lead me to thinking about a new indoor trainer, I have had a cyclops fluid 2 for just short of 15 years now and have found myself looking at the new smart trainers. I have done a lot of reading and the Wahoo Kicker, Kicker Core Tacx and Cyclops Hammer 2. I appreciate that we all have different ideas about trainers but thought I would just try and see if there was anything I was missing. The Wahoo Core seems to be good value however I did see something the other day saying it was unstable and has a tendency to tip to the right when standing. I would appreciate any thoughts good or bad please.

i just picked up a kickr core and it seems extremely stable. The base bars are 2" thick and either 14" / 12", or 12" / 10" wide. Maybe if you’re putting out 2k watts and wildly sprinting you could knock it over, but I don’t think there’s anything that makes it more likely than any other trainer to fall over.

There have been some issues reported with the kickr core 2018 models, @mcneese.chad Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues? - #24 by mcneese.chad, I’ll try and dig it up and edit this reply but tagging him if he’s got it off hand! I picked up a Kickr core refurbished for $620 shipped direct from them, which is by far the cheapest option, of the 4 you mentioned.

Also, this is a good thread.

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One full year on my Core, No issues with instability at all. Really weird complaint… my Fluid 2 was less stable than my Core.

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We have his and hers Kickrs (OK, mine is a hand me down), but I’d read DC Rainmaker’s reviews before recommending anything. His most recent post (week in review) includes info on some sales.

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