Wahoo Kickr Core Thru Axle

Is it a simple and quick to get a disc brake thru axle bike on and off the kickr core? How is it compared to a quick release system?

I’m looking to get my next N+1 and trying to see if I should stay with quick release as I take my bike on/off trainer in winter about 5 times a week due to space constraints

With the bike trends at the minute it will likely come with discs and they axle.

I’ve got a disc brake Trek Domane and Kick 2017, it takes about 60 seconds to remove wheel, put bike on Kickr, and hang up wheel. Pretty easy.


Thanks! Just wanted to double check before spending the cash. Getting an itchy trigger thumb?

Do you do anything with the rear brake to stop the rotor locking on. Or just don’t pull the brake?

I’ve got 4 inserts, and use them when putting the bike in the car. And sometimes put them on the trainer. My hands never reach for the brakes while in the garage on the trainer, so I usually forget.

I would be very careful. As an about to be X kickr core user. Mine started grinding after about 6 hours use! I am done. Ive got a cycleops H2 on order. Im not about to wait a few weeks to get a new core or go through 6 or 7 replacement units with a few week delay every time.

Ill miss the quietness of the core. But Im getting something that just works.

But through axle is not an issue at all. Just put a folded up business card in the rear brake and you will be fine.

Don’t pull the brake, and if you’re afraid you will, My Emonda came with these little red plastic inserts that I stick inside the caliper. Or as @FatBoySlim says, fold up a business card and shove that in there.

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I use a KICKR Core and my Canyon is thru-axles. It’s super easy, super secure, and I’m fortunate to have had zero issues with core. My wife uses a KICKR from 2015 and it also has had zero issues.

Thumbs up all round.

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