Bike on kickr core shifting like 💩

Hey guys,

I’ve done some reading up on this and saw some adjustments might be necessary but I noticed when I tightened down the QR it would pull the derailleur in towards the trainer a good amount. This isn’t me over tightening either. It almost happens no matter what. I am using the 135 so it’s not that. Anyone else have this issue and/or a fix? I’m really thinking wheel on trainers are just much more logical at this point.

I should add that bike shifts fine outside

No, I’d learn to make a simple deraileur adjustment. You’ll know the number of clicks to switch back and forth quickly while keeping the great benefits of a wheel-off trainer.

Also, all frames I have flex when tightening the QR clamp. I would be somewhat surprised if you didn’t see that same action when tightening onto your wheel.

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I use a Core and I have to adjust the derailleur. I just make a note of the settings for trainer versus outside and adjust accordingly.

Yea you guys were spot on. I had to adjust it more than what I had thought but I finally got it. Not ideal but it is what it is. Maybe toss the gravel
Bike on there since ai don’t get to use it much and just keep it on