Need help ! kickr Snap

Soooo I purchased this trainer second hand and the person had it setup for a pass through axle. I need a quick release skewer and the stock axle cap for the drive side. The axle cap was replaced with pass through kit. If anyone doesn’t use theirs or knows where I can get one I would greatly appreciate it !!

Just about any bike shop in the world should have a “trainer skewer” or old school steel skewer (effectively the same thing) on hand to sell you today.

Here is an example that can also be ordered.

Ahh the skewer is not my only issue. It’s the cap that goes on the drive side of the trainer… it was replaced to accept the pass through axle setup. Also my LBS is closed here in NJ

This is what I need

Compared to what I have

ohhhhhhhh, that’s not common. Interesting.

You may need to contact Wahoo directly for that. I doubt that is something readily available.

Yeah I figured I may come across someone who only uses the pass through axle and has that piece collecting dust… I appreciate the response though.

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