Best smart trainer for switching between rim brake and disc brake bikes


I was wondering if anyone can comment on switching between rim brake and disc brake bikes on a neo2T or Kickr V5. I currently have the original Tacx flux and use an old rim brake bike on the trainer generally and my nice road bike is a disc brake bike, occasionally I would like to use my disc brake bike on the trainer, but it’s such a pain in the butt to switch them over and change the axels etc. Are either of the above mentioned models easier to switch between rim and disc brake bikes?

On my kickr core ( would be the same on the kickr 5 ) I have quick release on my trainer bike and thru axle with disc brake on a friend’s bike who uses it.

When I take mine off, I remove my skewer, and the end cups that they slide into and out of on either side I just slide off at the same time.

Then there are 2 smaller cups I throw on the outside and then just put the thru axle through it.

Honestly it’s about 15 seconds longer of a process than if I didn’t have to change the axle adapter cups.


Yup, the Wahoo Kickr and Core are the quickest and tool-free for these swaps.

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Yep, I swap back and forth on a Kickr Core, takes seconds. Thankfully both bikes use the same cassette. Super easy!

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thanks, that makes the decision much easier.

So can I just take the rim brake bike off the kickr core and pop the disc brake bike on, or do I need to switch some parts of except the axles?

ok, im looking at getting rid of my last rim brake bike.
I have a tacx neo, and and my gf has an elite and only rim brakes.

Will we be able to quickly swap bikes on each of these trainers?