Inexpensive thru axle wheel for trainer?

I picked up a gravel/road bike that has a 12 x 142 thru axle (disk brakes, 11-sp Shimano hub) and want to use on the trainer (KICKR Snap). Would like to get a “trainer wheel” so I can use a good trainer tire and not wear my regular tires.

(BTW - Figured I should explore this option before considering the purchase of a wheel off trainer, although that might be the ultimate answer.)

Any recommendations on where to find an inexpensive trainer wheel? Thank you!

Not cheap but Robert axle. One of the few that also let you to ride outside with it. Worth it for the price because of the quality.

From experience with my Kickr Snap - make sure the thru-axle will work with the clamping mech. I found out after the fact it would not accept the Specialized trainer axel (was too long) and had to order the factory axle instead.

The Robert Axel Project. Googling ‘Robert Axel’ was…enlightening😂

Thanks. Yes, I will definitely need a different thru axle for the trainer, no doubt about that. And I want to get a spare wheel to just use on the trainer, but having a hard time finding one that’s inexpensive.

If you find one, please share. I’ve been thinking the same.

Spent a little time shopping around and decided to pull the trigger on a new rear wheel, cassette, rotor, and a kickr snap thru axle adapter kit… total of about $300. For the wheel, I ordered a Mavik Aksium from REI as I had a store credit and their price was the same as others online. Ordered the adapter kit directly from Wahoo and the cassette and rotor from JensonUSA. Free shipping on all of it, should be in business with the new bike on the Snap this Friday.

Figured this was the least expensive route to go… assuming my Snap continues to live on, fingers crossed. It’s been flawless in 2+ years and over 300 hours of use.

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