Can I somehow use a quick release with my thru axle bike and Kickr core instead if the thru axle?

I ride both inside and out and the thru axle can be a pain to set up. Can I somehow use a quick release with an adaptor with my thru axle bike and Kickr core instead if the thru axle?

NO, I would not recommend that. Use a proper thru axle, end of story.

You can buy a different thru axle if you want one. There are several styles that may be better than what you have.

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I used this adapter on my daughter’s bike for a BKool trainer that did not accept thru axles…worked great.

Sure, there are some adapters out there too, and even Wahoo has them as designed for their older trainers:

But that seems like a hack to me when a better thru axle is potentially easier (less parts if nothing else) and a more direct solution. But that may just be me.

Really bad idea. You risk damaging both frame and trainer. It could end being a VERY expensive Zwift session.

Yeah, I’m not certain what the OP is hoping to solve if the issue is just swapping between riding outside and inside. You’d still have to put the original thru-axle in before riding outside…if anything, using a QR adapter makes it more complicated to swap between inside and outside.

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  • Precisely my point. More parts equals more pain, and even more chance to screw something up if not done properly.

  • A thru axle is just about dead simple in at least some designs. If we learn more about the one the OP has, and what they don’t like about it, we might be able to suggest an alternate one.

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Yeah, in my daughter’s case, we had no other option but to get the adapter as the BKool trainer only accepted a bike w/ QR’s.

We tried one of the thru axles for QR trainers from The Robert Axle project, but due to the frame design on her bike, it was too long to fit in the trainer (her frame has a washer affixed outside the dropout).

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It is a pain to align the thread of my thru axle with the thread of my frame