Wahoo Kickr Core incompatible with Trek Emonda 2021

I’ve just tried fitting my new 2021 Trek Emonda SL to my Wahoo Kickr Core with the 142mm adaptor kit as provided with the trainer and it doesn’t work!

Instead of sitting flush against the non drive side drop out, the raised section of the adaptor rests against the carbon. Wahoo mentioned they hadn’t tested compatibility with this frame yet but that it looks like my bike is not compatible!

Not sure how I’m going to get any riding done on the trainer any more?!!

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Can you get a couple of washers to fit inside your drop out?
It might not sit all the way in the cup, but for the ~2-3mm it should be ok?
Might be enough just to spread it out a touch

[quote=“Jscott1, post:1, topic:41751”]
Does anyone have any ideas?[/quote]
Isn’t the thing in this pic the 135/142 adaptor?

…and if so, isn’t it the ‘135’ way round in this pic?

I think/hope it’s just a case of swapping it around so it’s the ‘142’ way around. Hope that’s the actual answer!

Good question. Here is the official video for reference:

Thanks guys.

@alexgold123 - The adapter I’m showing is either 142mm or 148mm depending on which way round you put it (142mm in my case). The only other adapter in the kit provided is for 130mm / 135mm quick release systems.

@jondixon - I like the idea of putting a couple of washers in to add to the tolerance however this will mean the thru axle will only be partially screwed in which I can’t imagine being ideal for the frame or axle over time?

@mcneese.chad - the video makes it look like it’s as simple as just choosing the right width adapter.

The way they’ve designed the adapter to cater for 142mm and 148mm thru axles with the raised section in the middle looks like it’s going to be incompatible with any bike frame with a non drive side dropout that’s set back into the frame by more than a couple of mm.

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I had a problem with the Kickr 2017 and a Trek Domane 2015. Some details here:

Wahoo machined away some of the middle of the barrel on the adapter. Had to wait a month but that fixed the issue.


Take it to a machine shop and have them turn about .1" off the outer diameter. Should be a $50 job.