Trek Checkpoint Kickr woes... continued

Got my new checkpoint and put it on my kickr core. I got the cassette worked out but still was noticing a rubbing noise. Turns out that the the “thru axle conversion piece” does not fit into the drop out area and instead of seating rubs against the carbon… anyone else have a checkpoint and kickr ? Very frustrating

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Yeah. I took a Dremel and 1/2" drill bit to the Kickr handle. It took a bit, but I hollowed it out for the dropout adjuster to fit on there. It was fine after that. The handle wasn’t structurally compromised, and they can be purchased as a replacement part pretty cheap.

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Yes, I have a 2015 Domane with post mounted disc brakes. Bought a Kickr 2017 in October of 2017, and the thru-axle adapter wasn’t flush. Here are a few pics I sent Wahoo:


as you can see the thru-axle adapter wasn’t flush. I worked with Wahoo and a month later they sent me a new adapter that was machined down a bit to allow the adapter to sit flush without hitting the brake post.

Give Wahoo support a call. Hope that helps.


Super helpful. Thanks

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This is the machined adapter from Wahoo that fixes the problem. Notice the narrower center section, that allows the adapter to clear the brake post and sit flush in the dropout.