Kickr snap compatability

I am looking to see if anyone has used a kickr snap with a Trek Domane SL5 (2019) or knows if it is compatible with one?

I contacted WAHOO’s tech support and they said it is NOT not due the the configuration of the dropouts on this bike, which I do not understand.

I have also contacted kinetic’s tech support and they say all of their trainers are compatible with my bike as long as I use their T-2101 Traxle to adapt my thru axle to the trainer.

My trek axle has 165mm printed on it, but my local trek dealer is saying it is actually a 142mm hub spacing on this bike?? I have seen some people on this forum are using the kinetic traxle on a snap instead of the wahoo version, according to kinetic all the traxles are 215mm long so I am assuming the spacing on the snap is wide enough to support my bike.

I want to use the wahoo over the kinetic road machine control since it integrates seamlessly with elemnt.

It will work just fine. I have a 2020 SL6 and using it on the Snap. You just have to have a bunch of spacers on it. I also threaded an extra 3/4" of the thru axle to make it more even on both sides.

What axle are you using? the wahoo adapter?

I realize this might be a late reply, but I have been using my Domane 2020 SL7 with Kickr Snap successfully using Robert Axle Project axle ( I originally went for the Wahoo adapter but it was a pain to swap the trainer end caps when I wanted to install a quick release bike on it. With the Robert axle, you are able to use the end caps that the trainer came in.

Before you order yours, contact Robert Axle about which type you need. I ended up needing type TRA201 with a 6mm metal spacer on the non-driver side, and a rubber washer on the drive side. That way, there is no chance of contact between the trainer end cups and the frame.