Super boost Adapter (Wahoo KICKR)

OK, just learned the Wahoo KICKR does not include an adapter for a Super Boost axle width. With the popularity of SB, I’m surprised Wahoo doesn’t ship these now. Anyway, does anyone have a good solution? Ive seen the Elite adapter plus a cut alum tube…


It seems the superboost is not supported by Wahoo.

That’s something that a local machine shop could make on their lathe in 5 minutes. They’d probably charge for an hour tho.

Agreed, I might see if I can get me local shop to make one… thx.


yeah, I know. Strange though as SB has been out for years and becoming so common.

Not sure I’d consider SB all that common. I am likely missing some brands, but there are only a handful that I know using it with any frequency (Pivot, Mondraker, Evil, Salsa specifically). Some of those are on more XC/Trail focused bikes that I could see landing on a trainer. But plenty are heavier hitter to Enduro level bikes that make minimal sense on a trainer in my eyes.

I admit my bias as I think SB is one step too far and likely unneeded in most cases (outside of Enduro). Either way, I think trainer makers might end up adding this option in future version but wouldn’t count on it either unless SB catches fire with some of the larger brands with more reach.

Along side the mentions of hacks and work arounds, I’d expect this is a great place to bug Robert Axle Works since they handle a bunch of stuff in the axle world, including some trainer related stuff. Wouldn’t hurt to email them and see if they’d be open to giving it a shot, especially with the two big trainer options for Kickr and Neo that would cover a lot of potential users.

Great answer as always. Thanks.
BTW ( I have two Pivots :wink: )