Wahoo kickr core dropout during form sprints

I upgraded to a wahoo kickr core this week. Have installed the latest firmware and done a couple of spin downs.

I am using an IPad and Bluetooth to connect.

Today I was doing Petit and when the form sprints happened the cadence and power dropped out (it stopped showing cadence and there was no resistance) and TrainerRoad app asked me if I wanted to continue the workout. After a few seconds it reconnected and I carried on. This happened for all of the form sprints. I tried doing some additional sprints and tried doing form sprints in both big and little rings.

Same problem each time, the moment cadence increased power and cadence readings dropped out.

Has anyone had similar experiences or know of a solution?


I have the same device and the same thing happened to me on my last workout

Was that the first time you have had that problem, have form sprints worked for you previously on the kickr core?

Had that issue yesterday w/ ramp test. Happily in the very early stage. Never had it happen w/ other ride or training software. I really hope this isn’t a thing

I have been in touch with wahoo and been asked to do various things spin downs,factory spin downs, and other tests.

Most recently it was to forget the kickr, reinstall, factory spindown, and then three spin ups at 0 5 and 10 percent resistance. They asked me to note if I could turn the pedals (yes) if the green LED on the powerbank flickered (no), and did the resistance cut out and it did cut out around 50mph each time.

Should I be asking them to replace the unit? It’s brand new and I have now had to spend nearly two hours running diagnostics and resetting it.

Possibly a flywheel issue, have you tried these spin ups on different cogs on the cassette?

Have tried various gears and also tried same gear and different resistances. Cadence and power drop out on any form sprints.

Have you found a solution to this?

Sorry for the late response. It happened to me on an endurance ride. I have done an FTP test and Goddard since then and it did not repeat. Goddard has form sprints and it was fine for me. Will let you know if it crops up again.