Kickr Core sometime power doesn't ramp up for interval or doesn't ramp down after

I’ve been having strange issues with my Wahoo Kickr Core (combined with assioma duos) and both with my android phone and windows laptop: Sometimes resistance doesn’t ramp up or down at the start of an interval and sometimes the power just seems stuck (I stop pedalling but I continue to see a power). Before I go the support route maybe someone here knows some possible causes or fixes

(I performed a spindown and calibrated my assiomas)

Just head there. We have so little info from what you provided we’d be guessing at best, even if someone had remotely similar issues.

TR can review the full logs and see what is really happening, so that is the best place to start.

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Not a solution but I often have similar and I reckon it’s the slowness of my phone. I often run a workout on my laptop, although its slower still I can toggle ERG off if it happens. I only use ERG on the phone if its a decent length sub threshold workout.

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I don’t have a solution either but I have the same experience with my Kickr Core. Luckily it’s not a frequent thing, but I had it happen a couple of times. In my experience it’s completely random.

Definitely ping support but I think that sounds like signal dropout/interference to me.

So I contacted support and they indeed confirmed dropouts but why did this start happening now? I did not change my setup :frowning:

I have a 2017 Kickr and intermittently had this problem in early 2018. Support confirmed dropouts, moving the ANT+ dongle with 12 inches didn’t help. Switching to Bluetooth resolved it. MacBook Pro and iPhone.

I’m already using bluetooth

Are you remote enough from neighbours? I live in an apartment so I am not, so I can’t rule out them switching something on etc.

I’m in a very congested area. If this continues I can’t even do my workouts properly anymore :tired_face:

What device are you using to run TrainerRoad? Is ant+ an option?

Probably not a great option with the need to swap for a different trainer, but if you can’t come to a solution, the Wahoo Direct Connect setup for the regular Kickr is meant to address wireless dropouts.

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I was going to mention direct connect but wasn’t sure the op was in the mood to be told they have to spend £999 on a trainer and £70 on a dongle :grimacing:


I had this issue with my Kickr & Garmin pedas setup when I first started using TR. Was driving me crazy.

Once I started calibrating both the Kickr and the pedals before EVERY ride it went away. Don’t know if it was coincidence, but that was my solution. Initially, I thought I just had to calibrate the pedals as the power source, but the Kickr’s calibration proved as important. I use an ANT+ dongle with my laptop.

Happens to me when I have competing apps or connections to my Kickr. Make sure the Kickr core isn’t pairing to your phone when using the computer… or that Zwift, Wahoo, or some other third party app is controlling the Kickr. The best success I had with TR was when I completely “forgot” the kickr from my phone and just let TR app pair it.

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Ive been dealing with this for the last few weeks now. Never an issue for the last year on the kickr core. Wahoo says its an issue at TR, TR support looked at my .fit files and said its an issue with the wahoo…

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I unplugged my kickr for a few day, did a factory (not regular) spin down, calibrated my assiomas and so far so good but I only did 1 workout since I posted this thread. Monday I have an attacking style VO2max workout planned, let’s see how that goes…