Wahoo Kickr Core decreases resistance / power

Hi folks,

did anybody had the same strange behaviour with his Wahoo Kickr Core:
Whatever the target power in Erg Mode or the resistance is, after a few seconds, the resistance/power drops down to 60Watt.
This happens with TrainerRoad as well as with Garmin Edge 830 (in Indoor-Training-Mode).
Even when only setting the resistance on the Edge, the Kickr does not keep the power.

Trying to calibrate the Kickr Core (Spin Down) using the App, Trainerroad or Garmin Device, lead to an error or simply does not complete the process.

Any ideas what might cause the problem and how to fix it?
Any help is highly appreciated!

Greeting from Germany,


@laufand, I had a similar issue with a previous Kickr Core. Wahoo ended up replacing it. Contact Wahoo Support - describe the issue, send proof of purchase (i.e. receipt, etc), photo of serial number, and workout files.

I never proved it, but I suspected there was an issue with either the optical sensor that measures flywheel speed (higher perceived speed would result in the trainer reducing the magnetic field and lower resistance) or a failing electromagnet.

Below are two examples.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thats what I suspect too. Might be a sensor issue.
I contacted Wahoo. Let’s see how they react.

Assuming they replace it, the other thing I did was purchase a new trainer on my own and then send back the defective one for a refund. That way I had a trainer the whole time, even if it wasn’t working perfectly in erg mode, and could continue to ride/train. That might be a challenge during COVID based on availability, but you could always try to work something out with them.

Purchasing a new one really is a good idea.
However availability at Wahoo in Germany is critical.
However my local bike shop seems to have a Kickr v5 on stock at least :slight_smile:

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