12spd on kickr core

just installed cassette. rear derailleur is bouncing and skipping gears. am i going to have to adjust my derailleur every time i get on the trainer? or is kickr not okay with eagle? or should i look at the install on the kickr closer?

i did just install quarq power meter. maybe i need to adjust rear derailleur because of that??

@jball843 Unfortunately at this time no KICKR is not compatible with eagle! :frowning:

Here is a quote from bicycling.com about the kicker:
“The Kickr comes with a SRAM/Shimano compatible 11-28t 11-speed cassette and the freehub body can accept 8-, 9-, and 10-speed cassettes, as well as SunRace or SRAM Eagle NX 12 speed cassettes.”

Seems like it will work with the right equipment.

The cassette may fit, but derailleur clearance to the pulley may get too close. I like the concept. But haven’t heard if it really works from a user yet.

Any discussion I have had with Wahoo, they have continued to say it is not compatible, and anything I have seen or tried has shown me that was correct:( if you get it to work I would certainly be interested in your methodology and equipment. I was really hoping the KICKR 18 would be compatible when they made it “boost” compatible.

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