Hello, I have been using Trainerroad for years and it is the first time I face this problem.
Until now, the BLUE light of my Wahoo Kickr Core was flashing intermitenly while training, now when I start the Trainerroad software the blue light suddenly becomes constant and the trainer does not make any resistance at all.
Has anybody has this issue before? Firmware of the Kickr Core has been updated just in case but did not improve.

These two things are unlikely to be related.

I have ALWAYS gotten a constant blue light (it’s the Bluetooth connection light) on my CORE once the trainer has connected to any software… whether that be TR or Zwift or any other. That has been the default behavior of my Kickr CORE for as long as I can remember.

Perhaps you have some other software that may be interfering with the TR to CORE connection? Do you have any other software running?

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Thanks Will for your quick reply. So it seems that the problem is another one ( i did not remember that the status of that blue light changed, sorry about that, now I see “phantoms” everywhere…).
You are right that when I switch on the Kickr Core the blue light is intermitent and once it is connected (by Trainerroad software in my case or Wahoo App) the bluelight changes to solid.
So this seems to work ok,
The issue is that Trainerroad “sees” the Kick apparently without any problem according to the software, but when I apply torque to the pedals this power is not reflected in the TR software,
What can I try?

I have removed the device from Trainerroad and added again but the problem remains.

Probably best to contact TrainerRoad and Wahoo support since they have access to info we don’t.

Yes, thanks, I am working on that also