Kickr Core Flash LED

I am having issues getting my Kickr Core to properly connect to Trainer Road or any other software including the Wahoo app itself. Generally the Kickr will show as connected in whatever app I am using but fail to report power or speed. With most apps the LED on the trainer will go to a solid blue when it connects. With Zwift the LED shows an undefined flashing pattern of Long flash followed by two short flashes. I have found no diagnostic info online for that particular pattern.

I have checked for interference, tried connecting using multiple unrelated devices, and tried every app I own. I have gone as far as turning off absolutely every bluetooth device in the house in case there was some kind of conflict going on. I am using the trainer in a location where it has always worked without issue.

I will be opening a support ticket with Wahoo but thought I would post in case anyone has any suggestions I have overlooked. In particular I would be interested in what the long flash followed by 2 short flashes might mean.