Kickr Core Issue

Hi, I have issue with Wahoo and Kickr Core.

One day, the resistance during a session stopped working : I tried to perform a spindown but impossible. I’ve done all I could imagine, change the plug, reset ipad network settings, uninstall and reinstall the bluetooth and the sensor but it doesn’t change anything, when I try to perform the spindown I stay at 0,0 km which means I can’t train since there is no more resistance on the bike.
The bluetooth connexion works, at least the ipad recognizes the Kickr, and is telling me it’s connected to it. I’ve try on my iphone, the same : bluetooth connexion works but still no resistance. I’ve try on Zwift, sensor is recognized but no resistance…

Does anyone had that problem, and knows what to do to ride it again or does it simply means the Kickr is dead ?

It’s actually the 3 Wahoo Kickr trainer that stops working in 7 months. I have contacted Wahoo but they don’t care at all : they don’t try to helo or solve the problem, all they keep saying is get a exchange or a refund if you are unhappy…

Thanks a lot for your help,

Anyone please ?

What else can Wahoo do? Refund or swap/fix.

Get the refund and buy a Tacx.

(I got a kickr core since December and haven’t had any problems)

Hi, as I said wahoo never tried to solve my problem : they’re always saying the same answer exchange it or have a refund. Or they also try to blame my bluetooth but since my bluetooth has no issue and the kickr is detected by my iphone and my ipad…

My problem is that it’s the 3 kickr that’s not working in 7 months and everytime it takes from 3 to 6 weeks the time they received the damaged one and send me another one so honestly it’s impossible to have a decent training plan with those issues and it’s frustrating.

That’s why I suggest to get the refund… bad luck or something else, it’s not working for you

Yes for sure, but I wish wahoo would help me at least a little bit… but the after-sales and customer support are so bad : “we’ve got your money, so why should we care” that’s their philosophy.

Plus, we are in lockdown for the last 3 weeks and wahoo don’t want to pickup the trainer at home I have to drop it somewhere… so I might not get any refund for a while, and any training for 2 or 3 months neither because of them…

Was this Wahoo direct, or a reseller? I can confirm from my years of dealing with them this is not their philosophy.


I can’t help you… but you’ve had 3 fail in 7 months? Something about that doesn’t seem right, are you using it outdoors in the rain?

Well the 3 times I had issue they never even tried to solve the problem : their answer was always direclty the same : exchange it… so if it’s not their philosophy they’re working hard to it becomes them.

What can I say, I had to interrupt my training because of them. Just think there is an issue/a factory error with their kickr but well they produce them so they are gone to sell them anyway… this time it’s even better : they propose me to exchange not for a new one but for a refurb one and they have to no shame to propose me that. You pay for a new one that don’t work and you get a refurb one !

And for sure no, I’m not using it outside at all…

ok, that didn’t answer the question. Let’s leave it there. Seems you’re all bent out of shape and there isn’t much we can do here about that.


For Wahoo, it’s more efficient to swap a unit, and in most cases it’s better/quicker for the customer
In your case, this is apparently not the case, due to either bad luck or maybe some environmental factor.

Maybe the first 1 or 2 units did had factory defects (the initial batches indeed had issues) if this unit is more recent, it might just be bad luck for this one…

So you are done with wahoo, that’s fine, if they commit on a refund, just order another trainer, continue training and sent this one back and collect the refund. Don’t make it difficult for yourself and just find a solution that you are happy with and wahoo can cooperate with

What do you mean ? I’m trying to find help, and you seems to be quite agressive with me if I’m right.

To answer your question : it’s from a reseller but the reseller told me to deal with wahoo since they don’t have any expertise in mechanical or electronic issue, and they are just selling the home trainer

I had the same issue with my Core, seems they overheat and it shuts off the resistance.

Wahoo sent me a new one, I sold it and bought a Neo 2T.

Thanks Simon, a bit more expensive than the Kickr Core but I’ll have a look and seriously consider it among the other (than wahoo) options available.

I have had similar issues with them. I’m now onto my third Kickr Core. The first two have both started screeching after about 2 weeks. They just offer to replace them and it’s a massive hassle and as mentioned it’s impossible to do proper training plan as you have to be without a trainer for 10 days every 3 weeks.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the second-hand first generation of Kickr before selling it.

I bought Kickr Core 9 months ago and yet to have an issue with it.

Fair enough. I’ve removed that part from my post. I guess I’ve just been unlucky and am a bit frustrated.

Same here, I picked up a refurb Kickr Core in December 2019 and have 150+ hours on it with no issue.

My core works fine mechanically, but the cadence will randomly drop out and cut by about 50% on the display, so if I’m doing 90rpm, I see 45.

I thought maybe it would help to update firmware or perform maintenance, but when I downloaded the Wahoo utility app, the utility won’t even recognize my core which is less than a year old. I checked the Wahoo website and they haven’t updated the firmware since September or October 2019. What are they doing over there at Wahoo? Seems like they just don’t care.