Wahoo Kickr 2016 low resistance and negative temp reading during calibrations

Hello, sometimes my kickr 16 gives me some temporary problems with resistance but today it seems that is not temporary any more. I was doing an anaerobic interval workout (bashful +1) the watts reading was the target one on TrainerRoad but I could feel the resistance was too low and also my heart rate for that type of workout. I tried to do a few spindowns (with TR and Wahoo app) and 2 factory spindowns without any effect, although I noticed that the reported temperature was negative at all times during the spindowns. With the factory spindown I got an error the two times I did it (it stoped at 26km/hr and after the factory spindown the error message appeared saying that the calibration could not be done). In the last spindown I did, the temperature went up a bit (around -80 degrees Celsius from -200 something the first time). I used both wahoo app and TrainerRoad app for the spindowns with the same result. This problem is not the first time it happens but is annoying and now it seems that it won’t give up. I live in Guatemala in a tropical climate so the room temperature is not an issue. Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Hey! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, the good news is that our support team members are pros at isolating and helping you fix issues such as this, even if the issues are trainer based!

I definitely recommend you email them at support@trainerroad.com, or Submit a Request online explaining what you described above. Helpful information would include your TrianerRoad username, the equipment you’re using, TrainerRoad version, and operating system. They’ll be able to sort you out! :raised_hands:

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