Wahoo Kickr Core Failed Temperature Sensor

I think the temperature sensor in my 2019 Kickr Core may have failed. I am contacting Wahoo customer support but wanted to pulse this community to see if anyone else has had a similar issue and how you fixed it.

Background. The Kickr was reading about 3% lower than my Assioma DUOs this morning. Normally they are within 1%. I had performed a spin down yesterday via the Wahoo app so I thought maybe the Kickr had mis-calibrated a little. I tried another spin down after the workout and noticed that the temperature reading was -508F. The app also immediately said that the spin down was complete without ever getting to the minimum speed / time.

13 Aug Spin Down

12 Aug Spin Down

Since the Kickr power has historically been very close to the DUOs, I do not use PowerMatch so that I can specifically detect failures of one or the other like this. Until I figure out how to get the temperature sensor repaired / replaced, I plan to use PowerMatch. Since I have no experience with it, though, is there anything I should watch for given that the Kickr is “degraded?”


Have you considered using Control w/ANT+ Power Meter? Its a setting in the Wahoo app and means the kickr will transmit whatever power the ANT+ PM is reading/transmitting.

Hopefully Wahoo will send you a replacement refurbished kickr. I had my 2018 kickr core replaced earlier in the year due to the ESD issue.

Wahoo customer support had me do a factory spin down and it appears to have fixed the problem. I followed it with a normal spin down and 1) it completed and 2) showed a realistic temperature. I’ll continue to monitor but hopefully this is resolved.

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