Kicker spin down calibration error

Well, not really an error, but after only a few pedal revolutions the app says “spin down calibration complete”. If i proceed with the workout the resistance ebb and flows rendering the workout useless. Any ideas?

Maybe try calibration with the Wahoo app to see of the problem is app or trainer specific.

Thanks Chad for the suggestion…So the following is what i’ve tried:
-rebooting the trainer.
-uninstalling the app from ipad and iphone then reinstalling the app.
-blowing air across the electronic eye in case dirty.

  • emailed support so we will see what other trouble shooting they can offer.

I got my kickr about six weeks ago and this has been happening intermittently since the beginning. Super annoying. Only thing I can suggest is make sure absolutely all other BT devices (inc TR) are off or shutdown and try doing it after at least 10 min of riding. That, and just keep trying a bunch of times over and over.