Wahoo issue sharing with 3rd party apps?

Anyone seeing any issues with their Elmnt Bolt or seen something like this before?

Today’s ride uploaded to the Wahoo app fine but then won’t share to the assorted apps I have it linked to - it just says “Waiting…” for each of them. It’s been like this for hours. I’ve had issues with individual apps before (it’s usually the 3rd party in that case) but never seen this before - it suggests a Wahoo issue? I’m logged in to Wahoo okay and the 3rd party authentication seems fine.

My Bolt has never uploaded to Strava the first time. I stop it, then retry and it loads every time.

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Yeah I’ve seen that to and like you say easy to fix. This is every app though (strava, training peaks, ridewithgps, komoot, health) and just spins “waiting” - no way of stopping it. Left it overnight - still going! Raised a ticket with Wahoo