Anyone with Wahoo firmware issues?

My wife’s Roam bricked on our ride today. It was fine for the first 5 miles or so, and then totally bricked. After being off about 15 minutes, we could restart it, but it died in 5 minutes or so. Fully charged last night. She also updated firmware last night. It had been fine with no issues for a few years prior.

Anyone else have issues since the new Bolt came out or with the latest firmware?

Over the last couple weeks I’ve seen 3 or 4 Strava ride titles stating the Wahoo lost a portion of the ride.

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i lost about 20% of my ride today, Bolt V1. Never happened before. Latest firmware/update version in Bolt and App.

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Well, I’m sorry it’s happening to others, but hopefully many of us having the same issue means there will be a new Firmware update soon.

My wife just plugged hers in and it said the battery was dead even though she fully charged it last night. It also had her install new firmware (even though she installed last night). It then had her disconnect and re-connect Bluetooth. It then recovered the first bit of her ride from before it bricked. Fingers crossed it’s fixed.

New Bolt v2. I had to update it several times and power cycle the Bolt to get everything working properly. All while closing and swiping away the app. A bit of mess but eventually everything got working properly. In the past (Bolt v1) I’ve had to forget the unit and re-sync to get it working, again while power cycling after each step. Power cycling the unit and app, though so simple, fixes many problems. This is the case with most electronics/computers.

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It’s funny. I complained a LOT about software issues with wahoo elmnt / bolt. Yet, this time, I haven’t experienced them yet. Did a 90km ride yesterdag, and a 50km ride before that. No issues so far. It even picked up my structured training which it often doesn’t, and it even synced properly.

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Well, we thought it was fixed, but the wife just went for a walk to test the wahoo and it died mid walk and only said 56% battery after 10 minutes of use.

Probs best to contact Wahoo support at this point. Sounds like it may be a lemon or has something else wonky happening that they’ll be better able to diagnose than us here on the forum can.

I’m trying to see how widespread it is. So far, between here, Facebook, and Strava, it’s definitely not just us.

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I’ve had issues with 2 different Elemnt ROAM’s that lose Strava LIVE segments, mid segment (usually mountain climbs). It would seem that their GPS tracking/resuming is not great. There’s a few segments in Brisbane, Aus that the ROAM loses every time!

Clocked up 160km with the v2 over the weekend on the latest firmware without any issues :crossed_fingers:


Recently had issues with ride file transfer to the App post-ride; happened on the same say I did a ride immediately after firmware update (Bolt v1).

Did a shoutout on a separate thread on here a week or so ago. Got around it by lifting the .fit file direct onto my Mac using the cable and then manually uploading to TR / Strava etc.

Seems to have ‘corrected’ itself since then

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My v1 won’t install the latest FW. It keeps failing the installation. I think it is protecting me from the previously described issues.

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Anyone having issues with latest app/firmware on elemnt? Start of ride yesterday app gave notice that it needed to do some kind of data migration. Annoying as I was out in the wilderness and couldn’t load my planned TR workout. Then 1/2 way into the ride the Bolt just died. Got home and it said 40% battery left. App finally updated. Said it synced workouts but never went to strava, and in-app analysis was all off. Finallly got it to go to RidewithGPS, and was able to down/upload to Strava.

Today, Bolt worked fine on ride. But home it was SUPER weird. Had time/distance of ride right, but map was YESTERDAY’S route and date. App keeps just shutting off. Unit just says syncing. Never uploads…