Wahoo ELMNT Bolt v.1, outside ride: Can you move to the map page when the workout is in pause?

Pretty much the title: when I’m outside and I set the workout on pause, I can’t access any other page, more importantly the map page. Is there a way to solve this?

Are you doing a manual pause or auto?

I believe I am on auto pause and I can freely swap between screens when stopped.

I had this issue also with the original Bolt. If I remember correctly, you can hit the left button on the side, that will take you to the settings screen. Then hit that same button again and it takes you back to the original screen with the “auto pause” no longer visible. Then you can move through the pages normally.

I have to go out in a little while. I’ll take my Bolt along and check to see that this works.


Thanks! Keep me posted


Ok, just tested it. When “Autopause” is blocking your screen, press the side button on the left 2 times. Then you can change pages.

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Thanks - I’ll try. This happens to me when I pause the workout manually while riding (e.g. if I want to pause at the end of a low watts interval, before hitting the next hill) so I’m wondering if it will work the same if not in autopause, but I’ll give it a try.

I’m sure it works the same when you pause manually.

Since you are using pause to do outdoor workouts intervals, are you aware of this feature? With a little practice, it is better than pausing until you get to the next hill.

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Thank you all. Yesterday I tried, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, I guess because I have the original Bolt (5 years old). Once in pause, I can either click on “plan” (on the right if I’m not mistaken), or click the arrow on the left which, however, doesn’t take me anywhere.

Just to be clear, I am saying you press the left button ON THE SIDE. This is not one of the 3 top buttons. Pressing the side button 2x works. I have tested this for you on an original Bolt.

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AH! I can’t wait to try it - that’s not what I was doing.

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