Outside Workouts Element Bolt Issue

I use outside workouts exclusively 6 days a week for the past 1.5 years but this week I have had the same “bug” occur twice on two separate rides.

I have hit the pause button during the recovery interval to give me another moment to get to a safe bit of road and when I then hit resume it pops up saying “Ready” instead of the usual 3 seconds countdown and then all metrics on my training screen just says “N/A”. I have to cancel the planned workout and then reboot the Wahoo to get it going again.

Anybody else seen this?

Did you directly contact support about it as well? If not I would as others might have reported as well and just not post about it here

Definitely contact support@trainerroad.com about this. I have done outdoor workouts for recovery week all this week and have paused the workouts so it was safe for the seated sprint surges without issue. I’m also on the V2 Bolt though so my experience may differ from those using a V1.

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