Outdoor Workouts on Wahoo Instructions?

I know there’s a page about suggested data fields but I’m having trouble just navigating my device when doing TR workouts.

I found another post where it’s explained that Wahoo’s don’t have the open-ended warmup so that explains the first issue I had. However, the advice was to rewind or pause the warmup until you’re ready to start the intervals. It was also explained that the ride continues to record while the workout is paused.

Is it obvious how to pause the workout without pausing the whole ride? I ask because I was going to look for that option today but despite making sure my TR workout showed up in my Elemnt app before I left, it never showed up on my device. I looked under Menu - Planned Workouts and it wasn’t there. A week or so ago, I did an outdoor workout and at that time, I didn’t want to hit pause because I thought it would pause my whole ride. I ended up just recording my ride to the place I wanted to do intervals and then End, Saved, and started a new ride/workout from there.

Another question I have is that after the cool down timer expired, it didn’t appear to give me the option to continue on. I don’t recall the exact message but it looked like “You’re done now. Save?” I agreed and then my ride ended. There was no “workout ended but your ride is still being recorded until you choose to end that”

It’s a little unclear from the support page, but the “:rewind: :fast_forward:” button in the middle, the button you use to navigate between intervals, pauses the workout while the ride keeps recording. Press it once to pause, and press it again to resume in the same spot. Unfortunately, you can’t use any other screens while the workout is paused, so you can’t e.g. pause the workout and swap to the navigation screen. You can use other screens while the workout is paused, see @Humunuku’s reply below.

This is also unclear IMO. When the workout ends, I think the prompt is something like “Your workout is over, do you want to end the ride?” with End and Resume options. Those verbs apply to the ride, not the workout, so Resume lets you keep riding. (I’m doing this from memory so I might be off, but I know there’s an option that lets you keep riding, and I know I’ve hit the wrong one more than once because it’s so unclear :sweat_smile: )


Actually you can use the other screens when the WO is paused, i stumbled on it the other day. Pause the WO like normal, then press the power button to go to what ill call the setup page (the one that shows what devices are connected), then exit that page and you should be able to view all you normal screens with the wo paused.


At the end, the default is resume. You don’t have to do anything. The ride will continue, but the workout will end.


“It’s not clear” IKR. And “trying to perform/record a workout” is not a good time to poke around and guess.

I’m surprised the wahoo is so confusing with this stuff bc the UI is fantastic for just about everything else.

Thanks for the help.

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WHAT :exploding_head: THANK YOU

I do all of my TR workouts outside and also use my Wahoo

Press the middle button when you’re on the workout page on your Wahoo and the workout pauses but your ride still records. press the << or >> as mentioned above to move ahead or back the interval if needed. Press the middle button once again to resume the workout (without skipping ahead).
You can hit the page button to scroll through all other data pages on your Wahoo also. I typically leave mine on the workout page, pause the workout if I need to get to a certain point before an interval starts or something like that. If you pause the ride on any other page, the workout is also paused.

make sure you select the workout as outside in TR, then once you open your elemnt app it will sync TR (make sure that is setup of course), then what I usually do is select the workout from the elemnt app itself and send it to the device, then either start the workout or select it from Planned Workouts in the wahoo. If that was too vague, lmk. I always go through the Elemnt app anyway though and leave it on since i use the tracking (as poor as it is, at least it’s something in case someone needs to find me).

As mentioned above, just keep riding. The wahoo will tell you the plan/workout ended and do you want to End or Resume, default is to resume and the planned workout portion ends but the ride continues to record. Sometimes I end the ride and then start a new one to separate the workout from any extra riding, but most often I just let it resume and ride endurance pace or whatever to my end point.

Edit: as I was typing that I saw you got other answers, so probably have everything solved but hit submit anyway :wink:


Just had a chance to do another outdoor workout and most of what you guys all say checks out but not this. I have the little Wahoo and my 3 buttons are:

Plan | << >> | Page

I guess this means I don’t have “do over” or “skip ahead” buttons?

During the workout, and from the workout data page, you should be able to press the middle button on your Wahoo, which will then pause the workout.
Once paused, the 3 buttons will then change to be:
<< resume >>

I forget if the middle one actually says resume or not, but that’s what it does… it unpauses the workout.
Pressing << (backward) should* bring you back an interval, and pressing >> (forward) would skip to 10s before the start of the next interval.
I say “should”, because I can’t remember the last time I actually went back an interval.


Good grief. I should have caught that. Thanks!

Can confirm, I did this the other day when I was admiring the view and missed the start :laughing: One :rewind: press brings you to the countdown before the interval you’re currently in.