Wahoo Roam vs Garmin 1030

Looking for some help and insight on the new Wahoo Roam vs Garmin’s 1030 in terms of training, navigation and visibility.

Ran my Garmin 520 through the wash and spin cycle only to have it continually start, stop with GPS, sensors et al.


I don’t know how they compare, but @GPLama and DCRainmaker seemed underwhelmed with the Roam. A lot features seem to be “coming soon.” I have a 1030 and really like it. It would take it to die before I would change it. I am not sure where Wahoo is with outdoor ride syncing, but at least you know it is coming with Garmin. In fact, it is the training companies software that needs to be released for it to work. That is my understanding.


Thanks for the insight. The price tag on the 1030 is up there, but seems worthy.

as far as screen size and price, the 830 is closer to the roam. But as people mentioned, features to come for the roam, sounds like an unfinished product. I’ve had the 1030 for a year, heavier, pricier but it works and it’s a bigger screen. The 830 has features that will eventually come to the 1030 also. The 830 also has a newer processor or different than the 1030. For the money, I’d go with the 830 if you don’t mind a little smaller screen, all the options and more than the 1030 and it’s 2/3 the weight. I’m having a hard time getting behind Wahoo products and trusting that they will work. The element looks like a blast from the past, recessed screens remind me of lower quality, older bike computers. Personally, I think Wahoo needs to step up to the plate and start putting some quality into they’re products. I don’t see myself buying anything else Wahoo.


Does climbpro come to the 1030?

I have had both of these computers. The 1030 looks better and has more features as well as the navigation being better and easier to follow than the roam. The difficulty I had with the 1030 was that it just didn’t work. The software was buggy the updates took forever and were complex and the rides didnt automatically sync to my strava over my wifi. I was so frustrated with it that I sold it after 4 months for half the price I bought it for and got a bolt and then upgraded to a ROAM. These 2 just work and the screen set up is far superior to the Garmin in my opinion.

Roam, hands down. Leaving features aside, the Wahoo ecosystem just works. My rides upload with no problems, I never have to repair my phone, etc.

Changing your screen layout is simple and fast through the app, no need to have to go 5 screens in and then back you way out, etc.

I’ll never go back to a Garmin bike computer…mow if Wahoo would just do a multi sport watch.

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I’ve got a 530 and before that the 520. Really happy with both, rides upload within seconds. Bought a Bolt for comparison and features matter. If you want to setup once or a couple times via your phone then get a Wahoo. Otherwise don’t be afraid of getting a Garmin 530.