Anyone got the Wahoo Roam yet?

Really feel like treating myself to a new toy and the Roam is in stock now where I live. On two minds about it, read some less than flattering reviews about it and it’s pricey too.

I’m sort of just wanting something like the Bolt but higher res, better mapping and in colour, so the Roam really does seem on the money. Also just discovered I can edit maps on Wahoo with whatever fields I want… love it so much since I realised that (couple weeks ago, had it over a year haha). Power, speed etc on a map. Bliss!

Worth buying if you’re a Wahoo fanboy?

I have an original Elemnt but I have a Roam on order and should be here soon. So I obviously think it’s worth it. They have turn by turn using Strava now and they have announced that variation radar support will be coming soon.
The main complaint points have been the bezel being too big (which is an aesthetic choice and not a deal breaker for me), the lack of radar support (which they have announced is coming) and the price for what you get compared to new Garmin offerings. The price is the price and I have been very happy with my Elemnt. I’m only replacing because my wife has started cycling and needs a computer. I graciously offered her mine so I could get a shiny new toy…lol

I’m waiting to see if Wahoo implements support for the Varia radar/the Bontrager lights.


According to @GPLama they have confirmed that radar support is coming soon. I don’t know about the lights. He mentions it at the end of this video.

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Looking forward to being able to go back to my Bolt, might even get the Roam.


Is there going to be a difference in how it’s implemented. Like can Wahoo do something interesting visually with the Varias on their head units?

First thought is an option to use the light bar (2x Element, 1x Bolt) for alert, speed and such. They may squeeze it onto the screen too.

I suspect the Roam would mimic the Garmin use to some degree.

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I’m volunteering to test the beta firmware, so provided I don’t have to sign an NDA, I’ll let y’all know


Yeah the lights would be brilliant. Hope they do that! Most obvious way to alert you to something.

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ANT+ Light support is a total mess across the board. Even SeeSense can’t figure it out and have disabled ANT+ on their front light in the ACE range. Which raises questions as to how they’re allowed to have the ANT+ logo on a device (the front) that doesn’t support it…

Back to the question… ANT+ Light and ANT+ Radar are two different things. I don’t expect to see both implemented by Wahoo at the same time. Radar will be first.


Grabbed one today and set the pages up. Mounting area below is way larger so older aero mount aren’t so aero anymore. Does come with a half decent aero plastic effort in the box though. Doubt I’ll upgrade for my gravel hack.

Screen does look nicer, though I wish they’d let you use some colours in the main screen.

Old K Edge v new included mount

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