New Wahoo Device?

Anybody else get the following teaser email, for something new next week [correction, this week… I need to update my weekly calendar :stuck_out_tongue: ] ?

  • Are they finally releasing their sports watch?
  • I wonder if this is meant to be timed with the app update they sent out last week, but to this point, has not surfaced. I suspect that email was a mistake and they sent it early.
  • I am expecting a DCR post about the device and possible app updates when the embargo is lifted that morning.

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Got it. Prompty deleted it. Can’t get excited about something that probably won’t work right the first time anyway! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


When I saw the colours I thought they were teaming up with Team EF. Couldn’t imagine they would depart from Garmin though.


Looks like an EF or Rapha tie in.

On another site I saw a rumor this was for a product called “Elemnt Roam [corrected rumored name from “Route” to “Roam”]”. So maybe an updated version of the Elemnt with full routing capability.



Hey, this is Wahoo we’re talking about… not Garmin :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, it will be interesting to see if the new product (if that is what it is) goes smoothly like their prior releases, or if they have some hiccups like the Kickr/Core snafu. Until that Kickr issue, Wahoo seemed to be a fair bit better about not releasing paid beta-test products… cough, Garmin, cough.


slowtwitchers think it’ll be a watch. I’m hoping my waffling on the head unit purchase will result in getting in on a new product

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yup, got email at 5am. Double check calendar, today is April 9th today so announcement in 2 days, right?

Didn’t get excited. I’m not terribly excited about my Garmin Edge 520, mine just works and still getting 6+ hours battery. And for that reason I can’t get excited about current Elemnt/Bolt as its not an upgrade for me. Really waiting for Stages bike computer to start shipping, or for Wahoo to surprise with a major update to bike computer. Actually I’m really annoyed with Wahoo lately for locking a feature (Erg mode speed simulation) to their app.

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Maybe it’s a reliable HRM.


Ahh. Color. That could be it. I’m not sure I’d want it though. One of the things I love about my Bolt is the simple flat black and white interface.

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Thanks, I figured someone had published info from FCC filings. The bigger Elemnt is long overdue for a refresh.

Color is good. One of my issues with Bolt/Elemnt is the lack of color. Its possible to do color and have a super bright screen and have long battery life, go read DCRainmaker Stages L50 first test ride with “mind bogglingly bright” pre-production Stages L50.

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I literally just sold my Bolt to get a 520 because I’m an avid Varia Radar user. If this new product is Varia compatible, I’m going to throw a fit and ugly cry.


I doubt it will be. I’m considering getting ride of my Elemnt to take advantage of the Bontrager light set since Wahoo doesn’t support Ant+ lights.


Last year I called Wahoo support three times about supporting Varia radar and light networks, and everytime they said “no plans” and that the Bolt/Elemnt team was too busy supporting power meters.

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Which I just don’t understand, super frustrating.

Same here, I begged and groveled, and finally gave in and bought a Garmin.


Yeah, after I gave up my plans to do the California Triple Crown the need for longer battery life vanished. If I happen to do a longer 6+ hour ride, no problem bringing a small Anker battery pack to top off the Garmin or Bontrager Flare RT or Varia Radar or my phone. Even with a 15 hour head unit, I’m going to need to bring the Anker battery pack for the lights and radar. Really not an issue in my mind anymore.

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I was thinking about getting a elemnt bolt, so I am hoping for a new edition. Either to get that or for the old ones to drop in price

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My Bolt is showing some age from abuse so i really hope its a new head unit.

I got the email. However I got the email they forgot to remove all the gritty details. I have the leaked version.

Behold. They have brought us the Wahoo Skrub.

From what I can gather it’s a smart cabinet whereby you roll and hook your bike into a cabinet of sorts after a ride.

Shut the door, ensure it’s switched on and choose your programme depending on the ride you have just completed. When the cycle has finished you remove your once again, gleaming bike.

It is, ladies and gentlemen, the smartest domestic bike wash ever to be launched.

I want one. A sweet Wahoo Skrub.


Obviously it’s a helmet.