Wahoo Element syncing?

I noticed the new feature that allows to sync TR workouts with Garmin computers. Is there a way to send the files to do the same with Wahoo Elements?

They said in the podcast Thursday that they have maxed out the engineers they need on the project and that it is one of their priorities. It is coming, but they don’t have the full timeline for it just yet.

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It’s coming. For now I just use Training Peaks to recreate the outdoor workouts and sync that to my Bolt. Then after the ride the Bolt syncs to Strava and TrainerRoad pulls the ride data from Strava.

great, thanks!

Do you need a paid Training Peaks account to be able to do this? Is there a way to get workouts on to Wahoo Elemnt without these other branded stuff where you need subscriptions too

Yes, patience.

You do not need a paid Training Peaks account to send workouts to the Wahoo Element units. I do it all the time with my free one. Just create a workout with their tool for the day and it will work. You then either sync the unit before you leave or connect your phone to it and pipe it over that way. Super easy.


No need for a paid account indeed. But you can only plan your workouts for today or tomorrow. With the paid account you can plan them whenever you want.