Ant+ disconnects with new Hammer 3

I have the problem that my hammer drops out from time to time when using trainerroad.
I use a Laptop with an Ant+ dongle and the other devices have no problem whatsoever (Garmin HR and P2M Power). I mailed Saris about that, but maybe someone experienced the same problem.
One thing to note is that when I was at my sisters house I had no problems using the same setup except for the other location.
Tha Hammer bluetooth able too, but I think my Laptop has not the latest bluetooth standard to connect it that way… Maybe using a new blue tooth dongle is possible, but no idea if thats a thing at all?

Windows 10 Home? Recently my Drivo was dropping out but not my Pioneer PM for about two weeks and was driving me nuts. Did the usual, reinstall program, reinstalled the USB driver, check the USB power settings, check the dongle and cable (had two for Zwift), nothing worked. Finally checked windows update and 1909 was setting there. After the win update, everything went back to normal.

I have a Kickr and this has started happening to me too. Similar setup, i.e. Garmin HRM TRI, Quarq DZero PM and a Kickr. About an hour into a workout and all of a sudden, the load stops changing and I notice 3 paired devices becomes 2. Then it’s a juggle with the laptop to cancel the Kickr and re-pair it on the go.

I don’t have a solution. I have emailed TR support for help.

This is a relatively recent problem (started sometime in the last few months) compared to years of using the Kickr without issue.


how far is the dongle from your bike? I found mine would drop out even 10 feet away. Then I got an extension and now put it right next to my bike and no dropouts at all.

very close. I can pick up the laptop whilst riding, so it’s right next to me.

My setup looks like this so kind a clos to the trainer.
I still use Windows 7, but did not thought about that cause the other devices still work.

Will try the dongle extension and updating windows.

Tank you.

Well I’ve experienced some problems like that before (a few months away) for a couple of weeks and more recently too. I haven’t changed the setup the 1st time and I stopped having the problem. Now I’ve only taken away the ant+ extension cord leaving the pen directly in my laptop. It’s more distant than before but it has made me the 2 last trainings without no power loseses what soever. I have the laptop just in front of the handlebar and the extension cord was putting the Ant+ right in the middle of my bike frame.
Maybe it has to do to some update missed or some momentary interference with other devices that haven’t troubled me those last to trainings but I’ll keep this way while it’s OK.

I’ve spoken to user support and here are the suggestions they’ve made but as I said I’ve only done one thing and that is against the advice of keeping ant+ as close as you can from your trainer but it’s working so…

Support advices:

  • Move the device running TrainerRoad closer to your training setup

REPLY: My extension cord with the ant+ USB stick is just between the front whell and the rear wheel (trainer position). I’ve now removed the extension cord and inspite the Ant+ is now more distant the last 2 trainings I’ve had no issues.

  • If you are on a PC, make sure you do not have any battery-saving settings on

REPLY: Cheked. All OK.

  • Closeout of all other apps/programs that may be running in the background

REPLY: Only TR is running.

REPLY: Thought before there was always needed an internet connection but one day I had no internet connection and workout kept on running fine, only in the end of it by missing the internet connection my calendar didn’t recognize the workout has finilized. This was why I’ve sent my first ticket. Now I know internet isn’t necessary during workouts but even that is a problem I’ve got to exclude because the Wi-Fi router is very distant and the signal in the training zone is very low. Besides I’ve always had this configuration of Wi-Fi router training zone distance and only from time to time some power losses happen and only now the trainer is having issues reconnecting by himself.

  • Make sure there is a direct line of sight between your devices and TrainerRoad

REPLY: well my laptop running TR is just in front of my handle bar and the ant+ is halfway from there to the Trainer in the bottle support of my bike. There are no large objects in front of both, only me over both.

  • Turn off all other wireless devices in the room including speakers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.

REPLY: only my LG smart TV is connected by direct LG sync Bluetooth with my LG sound system. This is not an ant+ connection and for months I’ve had no issues with that.

  • Change your batteries. A low battery can have an effect on signal interference.

REPLY: what batteries?

Well I hope you figure this out. Sometimes we just have to be patient and the bug will go away has it went for me in the first time and even now maybe that’s the case again it just happens removing the extension cord may be a coincidence and maybe if I put it back all keeps fine or not…

Further to my comment on 16th Jan, I worked out that this issue was specific to Windows running under Bootcamp on my MacBook. Maybe some dodgy USB support in Bootcamp? Either way, when running MacOS, no problems at all…