New user: My Kickr is connected twice

Recent migrant from a competitor. Set up everything for my first ride and when completed, I noticed that my Wahoo Kickr Core is connected twice.

MS Surface with integrated Bluetooth + Garmin ANT+ USB adapter.

I didn’t notice any data anomalies in my ride stats (other than Cadence being a little inconsistent during the warmup).

See attached photo.

Can I ignore this or should I remove one?

No photo.

I prefer ANT+ so would use the FE-C connection and remove the BT trainer

They may both work great or one better than the other, but I’d pick one and remove the other to avoid any confusion.

Here’s the photo. I only just noticed the different connection icons next to each Pairing confirmation.

Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem. FYI, I’ve never connected the same trainer on multiple channels, but someone reported (a long while ago) that there were problems in ERG mode with both connected. It’s possible that is resolved now but better safe than sorry.