Dumb question about pairing sensors over bluetooth

I feel dumb even asking this question because I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy. I normally run my kick bike v1 with zwift and trainerroad via Ant+. I have found it simpler since I don’t really have to worry about how many connections I make using Ant+.

However, I’m trying to connect my phone to my trainer as a bluetooth sensor and it doesn’t show up as bluetooth, it defaults to Ant+. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Does it auto negotiate to Ant+, should I see both an Ant+ and a Bluetooth sensor or does it just show as one unified sensor and the app device determines which band to use. I’ve tried the same with a wahoo computer and a garmin computer and everything wants to connect to this thing via Ant+. I have taken care to try to make sure nothing is connect to it. I’ve turned off bluetooth on my pc, my phone, my tablet, turned of computers one by one, but never can I get an option to connect via bluetooth. Why am I so dumb?

Certainly not a dumb question! Bluetooth can be tricky sometimes – I work this job here at TR doing a lot of tech support and I’ll admit that I even have occasional troubles with getting different devices all paired up properly depending on what I’m doing.

For starters, if you haven’t unplugged your KICKR Bike for at least 30 seconds in a while, give that a shot. Restarting trainers in this manner often helps clear out any bad data that gets “stuck” inside.

Next, do you have the option to disable ANT+ connections on your phone? Some phones have ANT+ built into them, so it could be worth investigating your settings to see if it can be turned off, leaving BT as the only available option. It could also be worth trying to use your phone without an ANT+ dongle plugged into it if that’s how your setup is built out.

Wahoo has a troubleshooting page for the KICKR bike that may be worth taking a look at as well. It sounds like you might need to connect to the Wahoo Fitness App successfully first via BT before you can start connecting to other apps such as TR.

You could also check the Wahoo Fitness App to make sure your KICKR Bike’s firmware is up to date.

Once that’s done, make sure to close out of the Wahoo Fitness App, and then try connecting to TR or another third-party app via Bluetooth.

Hope this info helps – if not, feel free to let me or support@trainerroad.com know so we can keep troubleshooting!