Voler Jerseys, anyone have experience?

Deadline is coming up for the club order, wondering if anyone has some experience with their jerseys as far as size and comparisons go

I’m 5’9” 170-175lbs

Tried on the Peloton jersey at the shop, medium was way too small, Large zipped well and fit good but was a bit long.

I’m debating either the Pro or the Velocity in a large. I know Voler does a lot of custom stuff so maybe someone knows how they fit and compare

When you try on a sample, you should note whether it’s club fit or race fit.

Personally, I found club fit too flappy in the chest. I’d rather have an XL race fit rather than a Large in club fit.

6’1, +5lbs and I wear large. It’s been a while since I’ve bought that brand. Maybe I was -5lbs

Lot of info on the site, for example 5’10" 160lb guy modeling Pro jersey:

all my Voler jerseys are Pro race fit XL. The big guy modeling on that page is +35lb and same height, and we are wearing same size even though fit guide by chest measurement I should be wearing 2XL. Given my larger chest its a tight aero fit.

You can call them as well, for in between sizes or questions about the fit guide.

Scroll down this page:

for a link with model about your size in the Velocity.

My local LBS uses Voler for their kit, and at least in race fit, I find they fit very similar in size to most other brands. Small in Voler, small in Le Col, Santini, Castelli, etc. I haven’t bought a jersey in a couple years, so if things have changed disregard, but I have historically found Voler jerseys to not be quite as stretchy or tight (for race fit) as as other brands. I haven’t found this to be a problem necessarily, but just something to note.

I actually found a helpful video that shows the fit of some of their stuff. Steered me off the Velocity one real quick and back to the Pro. Older vid but still helpful

I’m 5’-7.75" and my weight fluctuates between 170-180. I wear large in race fit. it’s a bit long when I’m at 170 but not so noticeable at 180 :joy: