Jersey recommendations for skinny arms

Can’t find a jersey that fits. 6’1 and 145lbs with long torso. Rapha pro team jersey in xs is flappy in the arms. Any help is appreciated.

same problem here. My only jerseys that fit snug in the arms are PI pro. I also have some PI LTD Select jerseys that came in medium/small that fit snug (my normal size in PI is medium). I’m 6’2" 162lbs.

Maybe castelli…All their stuff is super tight

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I’m 6’0" and 148 lbs with a long torso. My Velocio and Pactimo jerseys both fit well/tight through the arms in a size small.


You might check out the Eliel Solana. I have both it and the Rapha Pro Team, and the Solana is nice and snug in the arms for me where the Rapha is too loose.

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Twin Six jerseys are very snug on the arms if you go with the Race Cut.

I don’t have particularly skinny arms but I would agree that the Eliel sleeves feel a bit more snug than the ones on my Rapha Pro Team Training Jersey.

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I’m 5’7, 117, and Ale smalls fit me like a glove. but I do swim a lot, so I’ve got a bit more tone than the average skinny cyclist

Anyone tried Primal? I’ve just ordered a pair of jerseys for a team race next year. Hope they are good. Had good comments from one very helpful user here.

Hit up

He has race fit and club fit. I love the race fit.

He has made custom sized kits for my wife and I and I suspect he can do it for a reasonable price. He offers them to us for free because my wife is a boss, but his price structure is pretty reasonable and the ease with which he appears to be able to modify things is impressive.

When things have not fit perfectly, we’ve just sent them back and he sends it back to us with a perfect fit based on our very unscientific unmeasured feedback.

I believe they are made by Voler still so should be similar fit

I am very skinny and have very small arms. I am 175 cm tall and weigh 55 kg. I have tried several brands like Rapha, dhb, La Passione and they are all flappy in the arms. I finally bought a Castelli Aero Race after years of being cheap. Damn, it fits, it fits so well. They say it saves you two watts yada yada yada in some bla bla bla conditions but it gives me 20 extra watts from looking myself in the mirror wearing it. I used it twice before I bought another one in a different color and I will never buy anything but Castellis jerseys with the “Rosso Corsa” tag. I went with size XS, maybe size S or M for you?

I can’t recommend it enough.

6’2" and about 70kg (155lbs) - I have a number of Morvelo jerseys - sleeves are laser cut and decently tight, and rest of jersey also a good ‘race’ fit in a medium. (although they’re a bit low on stock it appears right now) - may also depend where you are as they’re UK based.

I thought Primal fit too loose. It is fine for what i ordered it for, easier training rides, but i wouldn’t race in it.

No one has mentioned it yet, but you can always take your jerseys to a local tailor and have them take in the sleeves. I did that with a couple of Tri suits and jerseys.

Make sure your bend over in a riding position when they look to see what adjustments they need to make. How it fits when you are standing doesn’t matter…it is in a riding position that they need to see.

They can also bring in the shoulders, etc.

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I’m 6’1", 150lb with a long torso as well. Rapha Pro Team Aero has very tight sleeves relative to their other jerseys and still has decent length in the Torso. I wear a Small and my other Rapha Pro Team stuff definitely doesn’t fit as well.

Also Giordana Scatto in XS fits well. In Small their torso is too baggy.

Castelli Aero also fits well in small. Generally If you get an Aero/Race cut you’ll get help with the arms. I recently picked up the Le Col Air Speed and will let you know how it fits.

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Appreciate all the help! Definitely have some stuff to try now.

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Try Eliel Solona or the the El Cap jerseys. I have like zero muscle definition in my arms (my elbow is by far the biggest part) and Eliel fits really well.