Need help finding aero jersey

Hi i am 5 foot four male and was wondering if you know any jersey brand makes jerseys for my height thank you Nate

Have you tried Le Col?

xs is still too small

Rule-28 might have something that works?

You could try Gobik, I’ve a few inches on you (5ft 9) but my XS gobik is a bit short in the body off the bike, it fits well on the bike though.

You say XS is still too small, do you mean

XS is too short but baggy
XS is too long but tight?

Depending on your build you could consider women’s fit in your preferred brand which will undoubtably be shorter in the body than a typical mens fit.


:person_facepalming:t4: *Huge, if true! I never even thought of this. I’m 6’2” at 167 pounds and my team’s Castelli Aero Jersey is too long in a SMALL, causing it to bunch up when riding. Like how is this even possible, who are these jerseys for?

I will definitely try on the women’s version, THANKS!

Pros are really, really skinny!
I’m 6’ 1" 169lbs. Just before Christmas I won a bunch of Rapha pro team winter gear in a prize draw and had to size up to a large to get my arms and legs into them, but then the arm warmers are like 2" too long and the legs similar. Presumably a Pro that is as wide as me is 6’4" plus.

I’ve always struggle with Men’s fit jerseys because I’ve got wide hips, a tiny waist and no gut. I used to have a couple of womens fit jerseys but that fitted great but were comically short on my torso, so only came out for races. I’ve since discovered a UK brand TIC-CC that make unisex jerseys with a fantastic stretchy and grippy hem that fit beatifully.

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Eliel jerseys may work,


Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Pro range is insanely light, tight fitting, and best of all sits really short, so no bunching up of the jersey when riding aggressive.

I am 76kg and 182cm and run a medium!

Giordana FR-C jersey’s run as small and short (as any) IMO.

GOBIK jersey’s are also possible but, beware of the different fits. You will want what they call Ultra Fit.