Cycling kit for a tall and skinny cyclist

Hi everybody,

I am looking for brands that could fit me, especially jerseys.

I am a 6’4" individual, yet I have 33’’ chest, 28’’ waist and 35’’ hips.
As a result, if I want a jersey that fits me without flapping all around, I have to go for XS, which are of course too short.

Bibs-wise, I have found the Endura Pro SL with +4cm of added leg-length to be the near-perfect fit, but I am still scratching my head regarding jerseys.

So if you have any suggestions of brands they would be more than welcome :slight_smile:

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Have you looked here? Looks like they have down to small in tall jerseys for example.


Thank you for your suggestion Frank, this looks like what I’m after.

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My mates built like that tend to where Endura as you already mention or Rapha.

Santini slim fit or Bioracer kits will do the job for sure.

Many brands have different fits, but not often in the same product. For example, the fit in Castelli is vastly different in their club vs race fits. I had to size down almost two sizes in their club fit it was so loose.

Generally, the most expensive or “aero” or “race” marketed stuff, the more likely it is to be tight fitting. An aero skinsuit is generally the tightest fitting of them all, really relying on stretch of the material to fit typical proportions. So that would probably fit you best.

Worst case, you can have a tailor bring in the waist.

Also note that in order for a skin suit to be really aero it will seem too short and tight when you are standing up. However, when you bend over in aero riding position the fit will be much better with no wrinkles.


Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Regarding skinsuits, they fit me just right at the upper body. Only thing is that they are far too short on the legs.
I will check out Bioracer, their summer colors schemes look nice.

In the meantime, I have also found two offerings:

  • Q36.5 has a tall version (+ 2 cm) of their best-seller jersey - only available in black though.
  • NoPinz has a tall option for all their garments, but it’s made to order and takes 40 days to ship.

If TORM works for you (merino sportswool) they’re defnitely cut long in the body (the owner told me this is just because he’s long in the body).

Similar build to you (189cm and about 77kg). I’m disproportionately long in the torso, and find Castelli aero race jersey great. I got XL, but L would probably be ok.

Cuore has the ability to customize some of their stuff, including leg, torso and sleeve lengths