Jerseys for short guys

Hey everybody. I’m manlet sized and have a really hard time finding jerseys. I’ve finally unfatted myself enough that I can wear close fitting jerseys without looking ridiculous, but the problem I’m having is that they’are all too long. I’m 5’3" and that puts jerseys about 4" too long for me all the time. Anyone know of quality kit for hobbits?


The Champion System jerseys that I have seem on the short side for torso length (compared to mine from other brands). So those might be one option to consider.

Thanks @mcneese.chad I’ll check that out!

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Im 5’5’’ and like the fit of these jerseys

I’m 5’3" as well and get my kits from JlVelo, when ordering through my club’s store you can add or subtract an inch from the length from the jerseys and bib straps. Not sure if they do it on their regular orders.

I was going to say Morvelo too for road kit.

Short sleeve kits come up fairly generous in width but short in the body and find neck quite slim too.

For MTB long sleeve find the length fine but arms long.

I am 5’10" with a slightly positive ape index (arm span longer than my height) and wear a medium.