Do Castelli Perfettos loosen a fraction with wear?

I’m right between their sizes in XL and XXL in a 41in chest, but reasonably muscular across the shoulders and chest.

I just got a really nice Perfetto long sleeve in XL, and it feels ok in on the bike position, but a little tighter under the arms then I’d like. Also precious little room for anything other than a mesh base layer.

If I keep wearing it will the material loosen up a bit? Don’t know if this is a thing with Gore-tex infinium.


No, not really. I’m stuck between sizes, too. Sucks. Larger is to loose, smaller is too tight. Own a long and a short sleeve. Went first smaller with the long sleeve. And later larger with short sleeve because the other is minimally too tight. Both simply don’t fit perfectly. The smaller one does not loosen, have worn it quite a lot.

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Nope, sorry.

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Not there. Do you need the rain protection? The Go / Transition / Mortirolo jackets are in that same space. The later two have fleece backs and bodies for better sweat dissipation and basically fit the same and the same warmth.

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For me in Castelli, I have to size way up for jackets. Im about 6’2", 44 chest. I wear a large in most “American brand jackets”, My castelli winter coat is a XXXL and its still a hair tight across the back. Im in a L or XL bibs for just about every brand, their XXL free air something-or-other is tight on me through the thighs.

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I just read your message again…
I once got a made-to-measure suit. It fit great, but as I was getting ready to accept it, I realized I couldn’t life my arm high enough to shake someone’s hand while wearing it… which is something you do often on suit-wearing days.
Just because the measurement says “41” doesn’t mean it’ll fit. If you’ve got wide shoulders, big shoulder blades, big traps, or long upper arms, it may not. Also, that’s a 3d garment, not a 2d one - it’s easy for a seamstress to take a critical mm out of it or misshape a shoulder. Chest size is the critical measurement for most jerseys/jackets though… I’ve never figured out what the measurement that matters for bibs though; waists says medium, leg length says large, and for tights calves say xl. (which is really odd for a cycling company size)

Don’t size cycling clothing hoping it will eventually fit. I have made that mistake.

You might be able to get away with being a size small with non-compressive summer bibs and jerseys, but not with winter and rain gear.

For as much as high-end stuff costs, It’s better to buy too big and have it altered if you need a perfect glove fit for the watts and 'grams (only one of these is a unit of measure).

If you can’t buy from LBS, you have to order two or three sizes and send the others back.