Vo2max shown after workout completed

What on earth does the vo2max number produced after a workout mean? It’s just given me a vo2max number of 4.4 which if true would mean I should be incapable of walking to the bike let alone be able to ride it (and this was an improvement!).

It is referring to your progression level and/or the rating of the workout. If it says you improved it means your PL is now a 4.4 for vo2max.

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Might be worth explaining what progression levels are: How to Use Adaptive Training - TrainerRoad Blog

About halfway down there. If you’d done an Endurance workout, it would have said “Endurance X.Y” or whatever afterwards as well - just a coincidence you’ve first seen it on a VO2 workout…


not that vo2max.

TrainerRoad has assigned Difficulty Levels to all workouts.

You just completed a vo2max workout, and the 4.4 is referring to the TrainerRoad Difficulty Level.

The link above, and this one are worth a look:

Super short:

  • Progression Levels are the estimated ability you have in a given training zone/level.

  • Workout Levels are the rating for this workout, within a giving training zone/level.

  • Difficulty Levels are the predicted relative comparison between your PL and the WL. It gives a rough estimate of how “hard” the workout may be (which is still subject based upon a number of variables), but it meant as a quick expectation.

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