Progression Level Notifications During Workout

New user of the platform. Today I was completing V02 Max intervals, after the final two intervals I was notified with a Vo2 number after the final 2 intervals. After the final interval there was a notification saying Vo2 Max 6.0 - or something to that effect.

After the workout I noticed my Vo2 max progression had moved from 5.2 → 5.3 +( 0.1). Is there any relation to the notification during workout and the progression level displayed post workout?


I wonder if the values you are seeing during the workout is just the summary of the last interval completed. It gives stats such as the average interval power, average cadence and average HR.
It designates each interval as “VO2 Max 1”, “VO2 Max 2”, “Sweetspot 1” or “Anaerobic 15” depending on which interval number it is and which type.
The progression levels are only updated once the workout is complete, in your case 5.2 → 5.3 once you’ve answered the survey.

Yup spot on. That makes sense, I briefly recall after interval 5 “Vo2 Max 5” was shown, then after interval 6 “Vo2 Max 6”…


yep - look at the analysis afterwards in TR, and you’ll see all the intervals are automatically recorded as seperate laps with those names.Nothing to do with PLs etc.

I guess it surprised me because i was using a custom synchronised workout from Training Peaks.

Very cool